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Another excellent Saturday on the upper Arkansas River catching brown trout. Nymphing a golden stonefly with a small Jujubaetis dropper was the winning combination all day! Even on what was essentially still the 4th of July weekend I nearly had the...
MrLink July 8 Jul 8 11
Tiger Trout - a bucket list fish. The tiger trout is an artificially produced sterile hybrid that is produced from crossing a male brown trout with a female brook trout. While hybridization can occur naturally, it is rare - since the brook trout ...
MrLink June 24 Jun 24 88
Any recommendations for easy to reach spots around the Boise area. I have a 9 year old daughter I’ll be taking along with me and want to introduce her to the fun of it. Me, I could stand in a river all day and catch nothing and still have a big, ...
Plamon June 18 Jun 18 11
Sipping flies...
MrLink June 16 Jun 16 00
Got fish... ?
MrLink June 16 Jun 16 00
Fly fishing IS sexy... Don't ever forget
MrLink June 14 Jun 14 00
The price of Happiness...
MrLink June 14 Jun 14 00
Cutthroats, rainbows and browns - Deckers, CO. Nymphing with RS2, midges and juju baetis in size 20 and 22.
MrLink May 7 May 7 00
The Caddis Hatch on the Arkansas River near Cotopaxi, CO
MrLink May 3 May 3 00
What a pleasure to find this site.having a bunch of trouble with ticks,so my time out fishing this month has been limited.hopefully this will kick me in the ass to go.hows everybody doin?
lookinhard Apr 24 Apr 24 11
Great spring fly fishing opportunities in the rivers across Colorado over the next month. These pictures were taken while fishing the Arkansas River in horn Sheep Canyon. Low-lying cloud cover and some spotty rain showers, but we still caught fish....
MrLink Apr 24 Apr 24 11
Hi :). Northern pike will be spawning soon. Caught 23 in my back yard last year. Ate three and released the rest. Nothing less than 6lbs or more than 16. There’s a four footer back there we are guessing at 30lbs. Rainbow and cutties should be ...
HoaryMarmot Mar 21 Mar 21 11
I know this is not fly fishing, but it is as close as I can come:)
Leutrelle Mar 9 Mar 9 22
This weekend collection of armaments... Midges, flashback emerges, a few attractors and a scud or two. Heading up into The Cheese. ????
MrLink Mar 8 Mar 8 11
I might finally take up fly fishing. Opportunities abound where I live, an now I am am bored and retired, so why not?
Leutrelle Mar 4 Mar 4 22
The Copper John - perhaps responsible for catching more trout that any other single nymphing fly pattern.
MrLink Mar 4 Mar 4 00
The Jujubee flash midge - my go-to dropper on a indicator nymph rig.
MrLink Mar 4 Mar 4 00
MrLink Feb 20 Feb 20 00

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