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Another excellent Saturday on the upper Arkansas River catching brown trout. Nymphing a golden stonefly with a small Jujubaetis dropper was the winning combination all day! Even on what was essentially still the 4th of July weekend I nearly had the entire stretch of river to myself - on what was perhaps my most successful day fly fishing any river, anytime. 16 brown trout netted, including a couple fatties over 18 inches. And all on public water. I do love this sport!

MrLink 8 July 8
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I love those brown trout. Very pretty, and better tasting than a rainbow. I caught some golden trout in Yosemite in the sixties up by a glacier in the Toallame river valley(can't the name). I don't remember the fly.

Leutrelle Level 7 Aug 27, 2018