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Today I canned the last six pints of salsa. this time, I fgollowed no recipes, just my own feeling for how much onion, hot peppers and sweet peppers there should be. I turned out the best yet. So, I have now 8 quarts of pasta sauce, 3 quarts and 3 pints of pizza sauce and 12 pints of salsa. Not bad for $20 of organic tomatoes and my own opnions, peppers and garlic.
Now i am going to take a brak from conning.
Next week, I am going on vacation- driving the whole Natchez Trace from Nashville to Natchez, Mississippi and onto Louisinana, Texas, New Mexico and Utah.

I'll be looking for native food and recipe books. Be back the first week in October, you guys!

By Spinliesel8
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Be safe!

Notlost Level 5 Sep 5, 2018

Have a safe Journey. Most of the kinds of recipe books that you seek will NOT be found on I 55 South, or on I 10 West. Good luck on your search.

AncientNight Level 8 Sep 5, 2018

We are taking the Natchez Trace, veering off at night to find a motel. I am not shy about asking for recipes and such.

@Spinliesel I went to a Mexican Restaurant in Oklahoma. I had a dish I really liked and asked if I could have the recipe. I still don't have it!

@AncientNight So, they are posesive? Maybe it was their "signature dish."


Save travels and have a good time. Look forward to your stories of your travels when you get back in October.

FrayedBear Level 9 Sep 5, 2018

I love salsa and sometimes make a meal out of chips and salsa. My mother does canning as well and makes a very good salsa.

Charles1971 Level 6 Sep 4, 2018

You are a lucky man!


Wow! Sounds fun! Enjoy!

MichelleGar1 Level 8 Sep 4, 2018
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