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To shave or not to shave That is the question

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I started a new group that was denied. I was told by admin "Yeah... it doesn't help us promote agnosticis​​m. Sorry.". Does camping, cars, pictures, legalizing pot promote agnosticism? NO, but they are all legit pages on this site. I have ...
zorialoki Oct 13 Oct 13 11
Personally, I find both smooth and hairy armpits/arms/upper lips be very sexy. Hairy legs? Not so much. Bush, well, I like ALL bush. But if its SO hairy that you can't get the boat, then maybe it needs a trim.
Dangrenade Sep 8 Sep 8 11
Call Roto Rooter
zorialoki July 22 Jul 22 11
Why be offended?
zorialoki May 19 May 19 11
Shave. Definitely shave.
mmcclure01 May 19 May 19 11
zorialoki May 9 May 9 00
Sophia Loren
zorialoki Apr 29 Apr 29 11
I personally find women that don't shave very sexy. It is all up to personal choice, and it is all good either way. I gave up with beards and mustaches years ago as I found them a bigger pain than shaving my face.
zorialoki Apr 29 Apr 29 00
zorialoki Apr 29 Apr 29 00
I've been thinking of doing the manscape thing. Thoughts?
phil21 Feb 27 Feb 27 77 the only member?
legshowoff Feb 26 Feb 26 22