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Do you find that the more you learn about music, the more picky and closed minded you get about it? Do you demand more technical complexity and get bored by simple 3-4 chord songs the better and more studied you get?

Or do you find that the more you know, the more it opens your mind to appreciating more varied genres, and recognizing both the complex technical artists as well as the soulful, folky accessible ones? Is there a difference in the amount of esteem you place on classical and jazz vs folk and blues for example?

I notice bob4health doesn’t seem to be in this group, probably because he thinks only classically trained jazz musicians who play full time are “real musicians” but this was inspired by some dubious claims he made in his recent lead balloon of a post in the Music Fans group. It seems he’s not a big fan of many kinds of music at all, although I find the most talented, knowledgeable musicians I’ve ever met have also been the most humble and open minded by contrast with his claims/behavior. Just wondering what everyone else thinks.

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Wurlitzer 8 Aug 11
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Maybe my ignorance is bliss. I like what I like and I'm always discovering new stuff. I tend to be half assed about learning too much and consider myself a campfire musician. Most myopic musicians I know miss out on a lot of fun because they expect perfection and can't handle getting loose. Maybe they would say that I am missing out because I can't get technical.

BanjoBang Level 5 Nov 3, 2018

I didn’t know I liked bluegrass flatpicking and classic country until I started learning to play.

Hermit Level 7 Aug 11, 2018

They began to displease you aurally, or didn’t enjoy them once you realized how easy most of it is to play? There are some insane bluegrass flat pickers but yeah most country is pretty boring to play on guitars unless you’re really into the songwriting/singing of certain songs. I don’t enjoy Brad Paisley’s voice but he’s an insane guitarist for a pretty pop country face. Sort of the John Mayer of Country lol, ya wanna hate him so bad but damn can they wail.

@Wurlitzer I think you misread my comment. I didn’t like that stuff until I started learning to play. Still don’t dig the sound of modern country.

@Hermit ah yes I did, thanks lol. Yeah that makes more sense, I really didn’t like it either despite growing up in the Mecca/birthplace for old time country/bluegrass. But yeah I had a similar experience that when I began playing and hearing certain choice artists outside the pop radio country mainstream I developed a great appreciation for it. My recommendations for best modern country artists are Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson and Jason Isbell. If you don’t find anything of theirs you like then it’s safe to say you don’t like country music lol.

@Wurlitzer I was messing with some Jason Isbell songs today. What are your favorite songs of his?

@BanjoBang I usually hear his stuff randomly on my pandora while working so I can't think of many song titles but cover me up and the last of my kind come to mind first. He does about the best cover of Mutineer and Pancho & Lefty Ive ever heard too. Pancho n Lefty is the name of my college funk band in my pics too btw, I love a good misdirect lol.

Since you were askin about podcasts I think Jason Isbell (and many other great indie artists) was a guest on a couple episodes of Wits that you should check out too. Great show all around from Minnesota Public Radio.

@Wurlitzer wits is the name of the podcast?

@BanjoBang correct, good stuff.


I don't need complexity at all, and I especially like tunes that make me want to dance. I do get a little bored when there are literally no changes in the music though.

So yeah, I'm pickier, but... I NEVER say any music sucks, though. Never have. Different strokes, and more power to all genres.

MollyBell Level 7 Aug 11, 2018

I have a hard time calling myself a musician, Even tho I've been playing for years,I'm very limited in what I know and what I can play myself. but saying that i'm drawn to talent not only the music but the song itself and what it is saying. putting the two together the music and the words and having the feeling with them, is what gets me the most. So some songs to me can be very simple to play,but having the words that have some meaning will be the song that I love the best. I like to think I'm openminded to where I listen to different types of music and at times I do. There has to be talent and feeling to keep me listening.

kenriley Level 8 Aug 11, 2018

Except country, it only makes me ask....... why?

nvrnuff Level 8 Aug 11, 2018

I felt the same way for a long time but there really is some good stuff if you dig around for it. Florida Georgia line n that kind of pop country pandering I have no patience for, but Chris Stapleton is a blue eyed soul singer if I’ve ever heard one. Sturgill Simpson sings about psychedelics, and Jason Isbell is another one of our times greatest songwriters. Check em out if ya haven’t heard em.

@Charity Yep cash is my favorite! Love all the old outlaws from Hank Sr in the 30s to George Jones in the 80s But there was a sweet spot in the 60s n 70s when Cash, Willie, Merle, Kris, and Waylon were all killing it.


I despise pompous, narrow-minded musicians. I have no time, nor tolerance, for such nonsense.

Coleman Level 6 Aug 11, 2018

I too will not tolerate the intolerant! LOL


I always get something from other players. I love to learn something new.
I've always been open minded, but over the years it's grown stronger.

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