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This pandemic is a horrible tragedy and has caused so much pain for so many people, and I don't take that lightly. But I just thought of a positive spin I can put on the pandemic for myself, as an introvert and an agnostic, that makes me feel just a little bit better.


I don't know about you, but every year I can't wait for the holidays to be over. The parties, the frivolity, the constant onslaught of Christmas carols, the crowded stores, the traffic, the decorations, etcetera etcetera. Ugh! The gifts you get that you don't want, the ones you buy that they don't want either. Just call me Ms. Scrooge.


It didn't make sense to me. I would assume this pandemic is much harder on extroverts because they so enjoy the company of other people. Except for some of my organized activities being curtailed, it hasn't been a very dramatic lifestyle change for me. What do you think?

Here's the link:

TheoryNumber3 8 Oct 28
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This introvert is faring VERY WELL! I've actually felt a little guilty about how well this quarantine/social-distancing thing has worked for me, and I was assuming most other introverts. As a Realtor I've worked less, made more $, not had to endure meetings, done most showings by 3D-tours, no need to schmooze with people, had outdoor or digital closings and endless other improvements. My dogs and I are also enjoying each other's company 24/7. The only downside is the occasional (rare) Zoom meeting, which I'm not so fond of. I DO feel really bad for the folks who have lost jobs, or worse yet careers, have kids at home, no day care, are about to be evicted, foreclosed-on or suffer business failure and/or bankruptcy. Introversion has it's benefits... never married, no kids, very small family. No debts, no landlord, no dependents. Simple. I live in the country on large beautiful acreage. I can do more and enjoy more and it's SO easy to stay 100% safe in the pandemic... just have to keep being me. It would be very nice to have one lady with me at times, but that seems unlikely at this point.

mtnhome Level 7 Nov 22, 2020

I'm with you. The only regret I have is that I don't live in a warm climate, because it's going to be a lonnnnng winter in Chicago. I loved sitting on my deck during the summer months, doing crossword puzzles or listening to music or both. But that's no longer possible. And since dancing is what I do for fun and exercise, obviously that has stopped. But I'm grateful for virtual lectures, classes, etc. I don't mind zoom presentations with participant cameras off. But the interactive ones I could live without.


I'm guessing it was not an introvert who wrote the article.

Good guess!


I, too, find the article quite confusing. I'm doing just fine working from home. I know some of my coworkers (the extroverts) are struggling without the social interaction but I know they are also finding other ways to get out of the house and interact with others. All the more reason I don't want to start back going to the office; I don't know where these people have been and how much they are wearing masks. Being a little older and in a high-risk group, I'm staying at home until I absolutely have to go back in. Fortunately, our management as indicated they are in no rush to bring everyone back and don't want to have a "spread" through the office.

Also, as a bonus, I'm saving a TON of money every month by not commuting and working from home! Only my liquor bill has gone up.

And totally agree... "NO HOLIDAY GET-TOGETHERS" Woo-Hoo!


Being introverted, I think I handle being at home better than extroverts. I miss not going to book clubs in person. I miss not going to the Unitarian Society I belong to. But I think extroverts have it worse.

SKH78 Level 8 Oct 29, 2020

As an introvert, I've actually been relieved to limit or forego holiday and social gatherings. I don't feel the need to invite anyone in my home, cook them dinner, or share a ride in someone's car where I'm stuck at a gathering longer than I wish to be. I also don't feel compelled to make small talk with people, when out running errands, keeping my droplets and my breath to myself, or inside my mask.

While I normally am quick to smile, now that I wear a mask everywhere, I'm actually happy hiding behind my mask, and just nodding to acquaintances.

I do go out with friends, but I keep to a small social bubble, and we're all just enough starved for human interaction that it's actually pleasant to be around others in small doses. We are limited to 25 people outdoors, so no scary crowds at the gatherings I attend. I'm happy with all that - and not getting sick! 🙂

Julie808 Level 8 Oct 29, 2020

I could have written that. It's exactly how I feel!


I think I see where she screwed up with this study. It doesn't sound as though she did any comparisons pre-pandemic. My guess is that pre-pandemic probably would have yielded similar results.

"Wei found that those who were more introverted tended to report heightened depressive symptoms and anxiety following the implementation of COVID-19 social distancing and lockdown measures compared to those who were less introverted."

bingst Level 8 Oct 28, 2020

Yeah, it makes absolutely no sense

This was my thought exactly. There was no baseline measurement. I thought that statistically introverts do tend to show higher levels of anxiety and depression regardless of whether there's a pandemic. They should be measuring those levels before/after and then compare to extrovert levels before/after. I would expect that extroverts would be affected by the pandemic much more relatively speaking


It doesn't make sense to me either. I also think it would be harder on extroverts. And also not a dramatic lifestyle change.

I'm with you on the holiday crapola, too. 😛

bingst Level 8 Oct 28, 2020

For me I haven't had a problem with it at all . Business as usual for me , a lot of extroverts I know are having a hard time with it though , no parties or get togethers .

Besalbub Level 8 Oct 28, 2020

same here, Number3

TheDoubter Level 9 Oct 28, 2020
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