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Just saying hi. I'm a recent addition to the group. I'm always looking for spaces to interact with other introverts. I work a fairly extroverted job - public education, and live in SoCal where there seems to be so many extroverts around. ...Not true, of course; there are plenty of introverts here. SoCal just seems to lend itself to a more extroverted lifestyle, though - getting outdoors, sports, group activities, etc. I'm more of an indoor cat, into music, art, literature, culture, etc. I don't mind the occasional walk outdoors, museum visit, road trip, etc, but in general, I prefer the life of the mind over other pursuits, which makes me kind of an 'oddball' to most folks I encounter in SoCal.

I'm Myers-Briggs tested, so I know I'm an introvert. Since I was 16, I've always been an I--- something. Starting with INFP, that eventually morphed to INTJ, ISTJ, ISFJ, INFJ, ISTJ. Lately, I've been wavering somewhere between ISTJ and ISFJ, but the I is always part of the equation. It's who I am and always will be - an introvert.

So where are other group members from? Anyone else in the SoCal area?

Ruby_Slipper 6 Dec 26
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INTJ college art professor in Texas.


I suffered as an educator for 5 years, never knowing/making a connection between my introversion and the drained feeling I had at the end of each day.
I saw a counselor for a while- after talking with him the first time for 5 minutes, he said “it’s obvious you’re a flaming introvert .”

I took the Myers - Briggs Test and only remember that the first letter was a giant I.
My Briggs-Stratton cylinder index is 11.

I work in North Dakota and have a home in Montana- which I get to see 8-10 days a month:/

Haemish1 Level 8 Dec 27, 2018

Nice to meet you. So I assume you don't work in education any more? Can I ask what you do now that you left that field? I'm always curious to know what people do after they leave education. I was a substitute teacher for 4 years, permanent teacher for a year. I learned the hard way, too, that handling a classroom of over 30 students wasn't good for my introversion. I ended up staying in education after I left teaching, but as a school counselor, so I don't see as many students all at once. It's still an extroverted job, though, since I have to periodically do classroom presentations, and I'm still dealing with people almost all day - staff, parents, students, etc. It's not 30 kids all at once, but still enough that it can be draining. There are quiet times when I'm doing data entry, making student schedules on the computer, etc, that give me a little downtime, but I'm still often worn out by the end of the day. In my case, I think I can handle working in education; I just need a smaller school district with fewer students so I have a little less pupil interaction during the day.


Greetings from a fellow SoCal introvert!

tallguy241 Level 7 Dec 26, 2018

What part of SoCal are you from?

@Ruby_Slipper Monrovia, on the east side of the San Gabriel Valley

@tallguy241 Nice area, at least from what I remember, having traveled once or twice through that location when I lived in the San Fernando Valley. I'm in the South Bay now, which has some nice areas, but none that I can afford. I live in a lower socio-economic area that's not very safe and not really where I want to be. But cost of living has gotten so expensive in L.A., I'm priced out of pretty much every place else. ...Well, every place except maybe a few hovels in South Central or East L.A., but I'm not quite ready to go there yet.


INTP in Ohio

camne Level 7 Dec 26, 2018

Welcome from eastern Penna.

EricJones Level 8 Dec 26, 2018

Welcome from Chicago! INTJ here...former INTP
Just wanted to let you know there's an Introvert Chatroom on this site but nobody goes in there.
This message board, on the other hand, is very active.

Thanks. I'm not a big 'chat-er' anyway. I've tried a couple of other group chats on this site and, as usual, it kind of felt like shouting into a wind tunnel, with at least 1 creeper or weirdo saying random stuff that either made no sense or was attempting to take the chat in a sexual direction. ...eyeroll


Welcome, I'm on the W. Coast of Fla and I'm an INTJ.

MojoDave Level 9 Dec 26, 2018

Eastern NC my curiosity got me and I took an on line personality test and found that I'm INFP . No big surprise .

Besalbub Level 8 Dec 26, 2018

This is supposedly one of the rarest M-B types. Less than 1% of the population, according to research.

Well, here's two of the 1% right here! ? Also hello from TN.

Also, there are educator groups on here! We have our own challenges, don't we?

@purcascade I'll have to look for those. I hadn't noticed any on the site, and I've been a member for a while. I'm not a frequent user of the site, though, so I tend to miss things. I need to get back to visiting and posting more regularly here.

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