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This group is for anyone with an interest in languages. Feel free to post and converse in or about any language you like, and to post links to articles about language or to interesting reading material that you think might suit learners of languages who want to move beyond the textbooks.

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I wonder if anybody would be interested in a group for those who speak French.
Partir un groupe pour les francophones, ça vaudrait le coup?

QuidamOutrepont 7 Mar 15
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J'ai dèjà répondu que oui dans un autre groupe. Est-ce que ça va marcher? Sinon, peut-être je dois l'étamer moi-même. Le groupe portugais foncionne avec seulement 3 membres. J'ai hâte puis je n'ai pas beaucoup de patience. Oui, c'est un défaut, je m'en rends compte!

As, for Anglophones and Francophiles, I encourge you to sign up. Remembering that it is always better to write something in terrible French than in brilliant English, we'll not ignore you for writing in English! I'll always respond in French, however, so you'll have to keep your Larousse handy.

amymcmxcii Level 6 Mar 17, 2019

Est-ce que vouz avez un "link" (je sais pas le mot pour "link" ) à votre group Français pour nous aider le trouver?


I'll join it if you do, mais je ne peut pas parler Français assez bien to contribute to the group, but I read a fair bit in French. I was a member of two Spanish groups here, but they were automatically deleted after two months with no one posting in them. It was a tough challenge to get anything to happen in them at all, but a French group might be luckier. French posts will always welcome here though (if this group survives).

Alors voilà ta chance. Écris quelquechose! Commence avec "bonjour"...


Start a group , to find out. I know a few dozen words & phrases, vocally, & can read about every 5th-10th word, but that's about it 😳

Dougy Level 7 Mar 16, 2019