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A gopher tortoise decided to make my backyard home. It just didn't take my dogs into consideration. Sigh
Now I have 2 tunnels, one in each of my fenced yards.
A few days ago I saved it from my great dane who was holding it like a ball.
Now I found the little one right by the hole. I missed a good shot since I didnt have my phone with me, but you can see the fresh hole

Zoohome 8 May 26
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great find


He knows how you treat animals and just wanted to share your love. Pretty sure he didn't anticipate a gargantuan taste everything in sight occupant, or his little (comparatively) sister.

glennlab Level 9 May 26, 2019

Thank you my friend.
This is the last straw for one big decision I made today. Those two canines won't be staying free on either yard anymore (at least for long period of time) . It will solve a lot of issues for me and prevent the little gopher to be hurt by them. - at least I can do my part. I wish we could help them more.


Consider yourself lucky as all hell to have these endangered animals breeding on your property!!
How lucky you are.
I remember them being plentiful in my youth, as we're Indigo Snakes. Now both are rare in the wild.
You must be doing something right

Leafhead Level 8 May 26, 2019

Thank you. I'm gonna leave the little one alone. I just need to figure out a way to prevent the dogs from disturbing it