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The World Wildlife Fund has estimated about 1.25 billion animals have died either directly or indirectly from the bushfires across Australia. []

JenBeberstein 8 Jan 13
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its terrible i have contributed

Thank you!

@JenBeberstein it really is the least I can do.


It has been heartbreaking to watch the devastation over there.

Yes, it has been!


I hear the Irwin family has been working to help the injured animals , and if you choose to try to help , I believe that would be a good place to start . I'm sure contributing to funds to them would help the animals to eventually repopulate the bush more quickly .

Cast1es Level 9 Jan 13, 2020

I absolutely agree, the Irwin family is knowledgable and dedicated. I trust they will handle donated funding in the best way possible. A link for people who wish to help []