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Post one of your most used catch-phrases from MST3K. Mine is "deep hurting". :)
Niledogra 15 views 66
Does anyone else HATE the theme song on the new MST3K?? Lol I have to skip it. Can’t handle that business. But the episodes are golden!!
ForesterJenny 14 views 33
It’s probably already been asked, but when did you first start watching MST3K, and number your best to worst of the 3 hosts! I started watching it from the start. I went to college in the NW part of Wisconsin. We got Minnesota tv stations and ...
carolmisme 10 views 55
I’m back! I had to make a new account. I’m not to be trusted with technology. Sometimes. lol ? anyway it’s good to be back!! Hey who’s your favorite robot? I’m a Crow fan!! ❤️??
CM1965 9 views 11
Look out for snakes!
Niledogra 9 views 11
We still tell everyone this
SpawnofSagan 8 views 11
LMAO knuckle-knobs
CM1965 8 views 00
I am so happy this group of people have joined. I wish I could spend more time getting your juices flowing with all that is MST3K. My hope for this group was to see a lot more than the good posts that I have seen. I will put more effort into this, ...
Ride_Captain 8 views 22
You’ve just come home a hard day. Which episode is your go-to comfort movie?
PenLOP 8 views 33
I think my favorite is Pumaman Mike's my favorite host.
velk 7 views 33
Welcome everyone! Feel free to post anything MST3K. I hope we get a lot of followers from this site and can share our knowledge of all things science(fiction)..
Ride_Captain 7 views 00
Life in my world.
Ride_Captain 7 views 00
I wish they would release the 10 seasons in one huge box set!! I would love to own the entire collection of this show!! I love it!!
Reikodriver1981 7 views 22
Tubular Boobular
AlasBabylon 7 views 22
I'm a fan of Tom Servo-robot who cracks me up sometimes!
Greg89 6 views 11
The Secret of Mystery Science Theater 3000’s 30-Year Success
AlasBabylon 6 views 00
Apart from a brief few minutes of one episode, the first complete episode I watched was "Teenagers from Outer Space" I fell in love with the show that night! Another one of my favorite episodes is "Hercules and the Captive Women" (today is ...
AlasBabylon 5 views 00
There's a place online that is a 3D Metaverse, and at this place, there is a recreation of The Satellite of Love. Inside the SOL, your avatar can sit down on a chair as it's a theater inside. Inside this theater, there is access to every episode of...
carolmisme 5 views 00
I found this off of Bill Corbett’s twitter feed. While the guys were filming Diabolik they were punked into watching scenes of bad lines from older episodes. Enjoy!
PenLOP 5 views 00
Is anyone interested in creating a chat room for this group? If so, let me know.
AlasBabylon 5 views 11
Favorite episode is- Danger: Death Ray (with Bart Fargo)
SharonK 4 views 11
Some of my favorite episodes were "Teenagers from Outer Space", "The Giant Gila Monster", "The Creeping Terror",and "Hercules and the Captive Women".
AlasBabylon 4 views 00
A Date with your Family
AlasBabylon 4 views 22
Rifftrax fans? I have the Rifftrax app on my Roku. I just bought The Girl From Rio, their latest. I have just been buying ones I want instead of subscribing (there’s a bunch of Rifftrax on Amazon Prime). What are some of your favorite ...
SkepticMike 4 views 00
Favorite moments of Starfighters, including the refueling and poopie suit scenes.
AlasBabylon 3 views 11

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