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This is a group for topics, conversation, and community for those of us from Memphis and the Mid-South area. We hope to organize get-togethers on a regular basis and make new friends.

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Not even the purple dinosaur is safe.
RobertMartin Sep 12 Sep 12 00 comments
And I don't blame him.
RobertMartin July 26 Jul 26 00 comments
I'm in Walls, Ms
RobertMartin June 30 Jun 30 00 comments
They all tryna avoid Memphis
RobertMartin June 23 Jun 23 00 comments
Looks about right
RobertMartin May 15 May 15 00 comments
My favorite work of art on Beale
RobertMartin Apr 17 Apr 17 00 comments
Hi gang. Hope everyone has a tolerable at worst Thanksgiving. I've been gone, busy and dealing with stuff. All is well with you I trust.
KateZilla Nov 25 Nov 25 22 comments
I have been thinking about where to go for our next meet-up and I think I’d like to go to a fully local place. I can suggest a place like Kebab International (new name escapes me I will edit later). What places do y’all think?
Hordo Nov 3 Nov 3 22 comments
So, folks, when do you think we should do our third meet-up? I'm liking Sunday, November 18th, personally, as it's before the hectic week of Thanksgiving really gets started. How about you?
Hordo Oct 29 Oct 29 11 comment
New Meet-Up Event just posted! I hope all of us can be there at the Panera Bread in Cordova. I set it for Sunday the 21st of October at 2pm. It will be a great time!
Hordo Sep 29 Sep 29 11 comment
It's a beautiful night in Memphis.
Charity Sep 22 Sep 22 22 comments
POLL Where in town should we have our next get-together? Everyone give it a good think and then vote!!!
Hordo Sep 20 Sep 20 11 comment
Wow we've made it to a dirty dozen. Keep spreading the word.
KateZilla Sep 19 Sep 19 33 comments
Thank for for getting this together! Win.
MissaDixon Sep 18 Sep 18 11 comment
I'm in. :)
Holli Sep 18 Sep 18 22 comments
Thanks for setting this up! I know there are more of us in the area and it would be great to get together. I know for me I wouldn't be able to make every meeting, it's high school band season and I'm a very involved band dad, but I'll definitely get ...
bohica1369 Sep 18 Sep 18 11 comment
SO, folks, I'm so happy you are joining the group! When we met first last Sunday, we all thought it would be great to have a regular, monthly meet-up. Perhaps, spread it around town so that we inconvenience as few people as possible while at the ...
Hordo Sep 17 Sep 17 00 comments
Well done. Now we need to invite.
KateZilla Sep 17 Sep 17 11 comment
So, Kate had a great idea to start a group for those of us in our area, and voila! We had a fun time meeting at IHOP last Sunday, and I look forward to meeting even more of the community in the future!
Hordo Sep 17 Sep 17 00 comments


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