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Who knows the highest indicator for intelligence?

Or, maybe I word it this way: What is an indication of high intelligence?

Intelligence - the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

Word 7 Nov 28
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Go here if you would like to discuss my answer.

"Asking a question with expectation of a response. "

Word Level 7 Nov 28, 2020

This is not the simple answer I am looking for, but it has good information and does cover the topic of the simple answer to the original question.


Word Level 7 Nov 28, 2020


To that list, I would add being a lifelong learner.

With a 146 IQ, I am green and growing. I learn from everyone I meet.

@LiterateHiker intelligence as defined - ability to aquire knowledge....

...ability, not just as in a childhood learning phase of life.

@LiterateHiker So, yes, continuing to aquire knowledge and asking a question with expectation of an answer is an intellegent way to aquire knowledge.


@evidentialist. Maybe "quintessential" rather than "highest" ?

representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class.

"...most perfect or typical ..." most perfect might could work, but a typical or the most typical may not be most perfect.

Word Level 7 Nov 28, 2020

After reviewing several intellectual answers, it would appear that @evidentialist is in the lead.

Word Level 7 Nov 28, 2020

A little clue?

Word Level 7 Nov 28, 2020

I posted jeopardy because I understand the underlying theme of the game show that twisted Q&A around to have the contestants ask questions to show their intelligence of knowledge.


I much prefer a "good" IQ paired with humor & Commn Sense

AnneWimsey Level 9 Nov 28, 2020

Please explain that "common sense" thing you mention.

@Petter if I had a nickel for everytime, on a nuclear submarine under construction, I said, "why don't we try a "-framis" in here", and had a bunch of stymied highly-degreed engineers geta funny look in their eyes & then go, "okay".... of course they had to write the paper to malke it legit & accepted by the Gov't. To me it is a combination of intuitive understandin/seeing what might work plus the ability to make it work. Hard to explain, but I have had it all my life.

@AnneWimsey My comment was a wry joke.

@Petter sorry, but along with common sense has come a lifetime of "cold-shouldering", particularly from people who IMO should be glad I saved their ass......


From the wording of your question, I get that you are looking for what is the strongest outward sign of intelligence as we understand it. Is that what you want? Please, clarify.

Yes, as for as something to observe from a person. What would give another person an indication that another has a high intellectual capability?

Aside from getting my dangling modifiers in the right place, I was trying to ask a simple question to obtain a specific response.

@Word -- That's what I thought you meant. So, to that end, I can only respond meaningfully with those clues I use in dealing with people.

Observing how long it takes someone to solve a new problem without resorting to outside sources.

How long it takes for one to grasp the meaning of a vague reference.

Observing one providing unique solutions to old problems or innovative applications for old ideas.

Those are three of the more important ones I use when considering new hires during their probationary period. In my industry, finish carpenters are always faced with new problems, often unique issues that must be solved. Because finish joinery generally consumes the larger part of the labor load on a project, their ability to do this reasonably quickly is important. This is an example of spacial reasoning. There are many other areas, but I felt this was a good example.

@evidentialist Good examples. Determining intelligence capabilities by observation of skills and application of those skills.

I reviewed back to my original post, and I understand I gave you a clarification as you asked. Again, you gave good answers for the clarification given. Those are "high" indicators of intellectual capabilities.

However, some of my double question original post, has to do with my reluctance for "highest". I didn't like using it, for I understand that could be a matter of debating an opinion. I am not wanting to debate opinion but be able to articulate "highest" without argument.

I still seek an answer for my original, of my intended, thinking I am intending intent to the query. How I am trying to go about bring about my answer is to elicit someone else to answer with out it being an apparence of me asserting an opinion.

Query - verb
ask a question about something, especially in order to express one's doubts about it or to check its validity or accuracy.

My answer could be <extrapulated?> from the information and responses given.


On the Mensa IQ test , normal ranges from 85 % to 115% . In order to qualify for acceptance into Mensa , you must score in the top 2% or over 130 . To be accepted by Intel , you must score in the top 1% . There is another group I've heard of that is only for those in the top one thousand , although I don't believe I've ever met anyone who's joined that group .

Cast1es Level 9 Nov 28, 2020

There's a much nicer group called "Densa", for which you have to reach a score of 3 points lower than the Mensa qualification - or higher. Quite a few Mensa members are also members of Densa, whose objective is to have intelligent fun.

I took the entrance IQ for the group that is the hardest to get into and came up with a 98. Of the five I have taken so far this si the lowest.

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