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ok, I'm curious about things that i do not understand ... Scientists Have Discovered Vast Unidentified Structures Deep Inside the Earth Scientists combed through nearly 30 years of earthquake data to probe huge and mysterious objects near the ...
Philip21 June 12 Jun 12 44
more interesting speculation ...Is Anyone Out There?: The Fermi Paradox, Explained Could physicist Enrico Fermi's groundbreaking idea explain why we're (so far) alone in the universe?
Philip21 June 8 Jun 8 00
The Infinite Monkey Theorem ExperimentThis is a live experiment, running since April 2020, by Russell and Amber.
Philip21 May 20 May 20 11
‘Milestone’ Evidence for Anyons, a Third Kingdom of Particles Physicists have long known that the universe is made from two kinds of particles: fermions and bosons. Now there's a third that behaves totally differently.
Philip21 May 18 May 18 22
The Magnetic North Pole Is Rapidly Moving Because of Some Blobs It started in Canada and now it's inching closer to Siberia. Thanks a lot, blobs.
Philip21 May 16 May 16 11
An introduction to the Corpus Clock [some call it Einstein's clock ...
Philip21 May 15 May 15 00
Philip21 May 4 May 4 33
What happened before the Big Bang? America, at least this one, wants to know ...
Philip21 Apr 21 Apr 21 33
Weird Black Hole-Orbiting Star Proves Einstein Right (Again)
Philip21 Apr 17 Apr 17 33
You're opinions?
Philip21 Apr 16 Apr 16 22
Philip21 Mar 13 Mar 13 11
On the same theme as my last post, trying to make sense of what sounds almost as nonsensical as the religious view "god created etc" I came across this summary of current knowledge/theory which makes sense on paper but requires a suspension of ...
Philip21 Mar 4 Mar 4 33
Personally I've viewed a lot of 'science' like I do religion ... you have to accept on faith those ideas which you've not been able to experience yourself. Now there is a scientific theory that proclaims "Fundamental Consciousness" ::::humming 'give ...
Philip21 Mar 2 Mar 2 22
I'm curious, how many Mensa members qualified and paid dues for a while, before wising up and stopped their dues-paying? I live in a very rural area and I only knew one other member from the adjoining county, so I only got...
Philip21 Feb 27 Feb 27 44
A neighbor invested , and became a millionaire . He was doing so well , he quit his job , prior to retirement age . He had invested in Enron . He was a millionaire on paper . The company was lying to the investors , while the executives quietly sold ...
Cast1es Dec 16 Dec 16 11
Answer to an interesting question in light of our current circumstances in the US.
evidentialist Aug 26 Aug 26 33
Would you date someone , who obviously had a much lower IQ than you ?
Cast1es Apr 15 Apr 15 44
Do you feel high IQ types , are better lovers ? Why ?
Cast1es Feb 12 Feb 12 88
Don't know if it's true , but i just saw a post on facebook , claiming that high IQ men , are less likely to cheat on their partners , than average men , What's your opinion ?
Cast1es Feb 8 Feb 8 99
Interesting . I just checked my mail and found a , "letter, " saying , "High IQ, what a lie ." and found I could not respond to it . Looks like he sent it , then blocked me . So let's quantify here . The fact that we disagree does not mean I'm not ...
Cast1es Aug 22 Aug 22 55
I'm admitting I dont have a high IQ but i would like to learn from those who do. I also love intelligent conversations with people who are smarter than me... At the moment.
MrChange July 30 Jul 30 88
Will you read my blog?
Melbates June 24 Jun 24 55
What does anyone hope to gain by joining MENSA?
mudhen June 7 Jun 7 88
I am not qualified to join the 2% or higher club but I could use some genius help before I get fired. I work at a fabrication shop I get to build some neat machines. But I stuck a press brake and haven't had any luck fixing it. It works on a cam ...
EricHunt June 7 Jun 7 99
The intelligent posts and conversations I've seen on this site make me wonder if agnostics and atheists, in general, tend to have higher IQs (I just joined Mensa recently and have not made it to any events/meetings yet but I'm betting there's a good ...
Alvingo1 June 7 Jun 7 33

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