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@Cast1es -- Past member of Mensa. Courted Triple Nine, but they offered same as Mensa in terms of activities and connections. Dropped both although I did enjoy some of the Sigs and they held my interest enough to pay the dues for a few years -- but even that got old.

So, what's happening with this group?

evidentialist 8 Mar 3
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Today I write Science Fiction, Science Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Humorous Horror, Paranormal, Speculative, Science Fact, and Shopping Lists.

I was a Naval Architect designing ships, boats, yachts, submersible vehicles, and other marine oriented things. I also designed and built custom wooden yachts and the occasional composite yacht -- until Reagan.

Before that I was a folksinger/musician, songwriter, copywriter, technical writer/illustrator and ad art director.

I no longer fly but was a pilot. I was a cruising sailor (not much on racing, though I enjoy watching). I engaged in road racing and a little drag racing in the mid '50s to mid '60s.

I hope you included all of this in your bio .

@Cast1es -- Probably, but I'm not sure I put all of it in there because I really detest babbling about myself. I'll have to look to see what I did put in there. I'll be back to adjust this comment if needed.

Edit: Yeah, basically it's all there.


That seems to be a common concept for this group . We qualify , we may or may not join them , then we dropout out . I liked the concept that , after all the insults we get for being smart , it was nice to be with others , of a like mind , where we weren't getting cut down for being intelligent . I enjoyed the guest speakers at the monthly meetings , and enjoyed the comfortable company I was with , but ..... I found other things more interesting . I learned , as well , that Mensa and Intertel were often combined events . I suspect that Triple Nine events would also have been combined , as there would have been even fewer attendees to populate them .
Where we are going with this group , is up to those who choose to join it . As with other groups , it's interesting to learn about other things we have in common , and how we deal with them . I find I identify with the Big Bang show , in some respects , and can laugh at my self , now . Slightly out of step , with the rest of the world . Never fitting in . But I do believe that water seeks it's own level . A twelve year old , can spend time playing with a younger sibling , but still needs to spend time with others their own age . We can work , live , enjoy time with others , but sometimes , we just need to be involved with others of a similar level .

Cast1es Level 9 Mar 19, 2018

It's very new , so not much , yet . The Agnostic , seems to be full people who do take the time to actually think about what we're taught , while growing up , and make up our own minds . That suggested to me , there may be a common interest in these groups , as well .

Cast1es Level 9 Mar 4, 2018