This is a group for members in Minnesota - to share, chat, plan or share meetings and events, and meet other near you.

New members are asked but not required to introduce themselves briefly.

Respect other members of the group. Do not share personal contact in the group. And be responsible in meeting in person.

Most of all, Minnesota agnostics, HAVE FUN!

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INTRODUCTIONS. As members join, I welcome you to introduce yourself here and greet the group.
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DoDapper 8 MN Oct 28, 2018 Oct 28, 2018 33 comments
Hi All. I'm a life-long Minneapolis resident, 4 sons, 2 grandtwins, and I'm happy to see so many of us here.
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CommediaDelArte 3 MN July 19 Jul 19 22 comments
Hi my name is Patrick, I live in the Twin Cities. I am a non believing agnostic. The only reason I don't use the word atheist is I'm still a little brainwashed from my Lutheran upbringing. I find it hard to let it go.
Posted in Minnesota group
gofersatchmo 3 MN June 9 Jun 9 22 comments
Hmmm just joined. Intro? Doug from Minneapolis, free thinker, smart ass, and old fart.
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Dougl35534 5 MN June 8 Jun 8 33 comments
I am just over the border in North Dakota. Grew up in Minnesota.
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TheOmegaAtheist 3 ND May 27 May 27 22 comments
This is a test cheat post and shameless cry for points. And hello, I guess. Not entirely clear on the point system. I seem to need to be level two or three for some of the forums to which I would like to post. I don't know if atheists tend to ...
Also posted in General & Hellos
RollTheBones 5 MN May 21 May 21 44 comments
We all know the pain... and have done this many times.
Posted in Minnesota group
mistymoon77 9 MN Apr 26 Apr 26 44 comments
I am a Canadian who lives 35 miles north of the border, your closer to me than most Canadians
Posted in Minnesota group
RobertAddley 4 Canada Apr 25 Apr 25 33 comments
hey everyone! i just made the move from Mankato to St. Cloud on Thursday, I’m mostly unpacked and getting settled in. Sounds like there’s a pretty active atheist group here so I’m excited for that. Start my new job tomorrow and I’m a ...
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Marcie1974 8 MN Apr 21 Apr 21 00 comments
Hello, I'm Ellie, 59. I've lived in St. Paul for 25 years and own a home near Phalen Lake on the Rockin' East Side. Before that I lived and worked in Chicago for 14 years; I left as a single parent after my divorce and came beck to MN to be near ...
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Lb12star 4 MN Mar 5 Mar 5 33 comments
26 atheist/agnostics in the whole state, and at least one is a fake account. I'm gonna die alone. :/
Posted in Minnesota group
MasterEsquire 2 MN Mar 4 Mar 4 22 comments
Right now I am bitching about all the snow and terrible traffic. Bitching is not productive, but I just do NOT love winter very much. But I choose to live here. We do have a good "quality of life" ... but that quality of life goes down quite a bit...
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SKH78 7 MN Feb 5 Feb 5 11 comment
Sub zero temps ... brr brr brr .... I suppose it builds character, but having lived here all my life, I think maybe I have enough character. Cuss, cuss.
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SKH78 7 MN Jan 28 Jan 28 00 comments
Yesterday we had such lovely rain in Minneapolis ... RAIN ... omg ... rain in December .... what is happening???????
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SKH78 7 MN Dec 28, 2018 Dec 28, 2018 22 comments
Hey there, I am from bum fuck MN. South central hicks ville to be more precise. Native born and raised. Howdy to you all.. not a city slicker but not a goat roper either.. had to throw that one out there.
Posted in Minnesota group
mistymoon77 9 MN Dec 22, 2018 Dec 22, 2018 11 comment
Hello. I’m up north in Duluth. I want Canada to adopt our state.
Posted in Minnesota group
DaphneDarling 7 MN Dec 22, 2018 Dec 22, 2018 55 comments
Jake from State Farm
Posted in Minnesota group
Marcie1974 8 MN Dec 21, 2018 Dec 21, 2018 00 comments
Minnesotans pride themselves on being stoic and strong. But are we always stoic and strong?
Posted in Minnesota group
SKH78 7 MN Dec 16, 2018 Dec 16, 2018 22 comments
Anyone else have a window open on this beautiful day?
Posted in Minnesota group
Marcie1974 8 MN Dec 15, 2018 Dec 15, 2018 00 comments
Slipping into something comfortable in MN
Posted in Minnesota group
Marcie1974 8 MN Dec 11, 2018 Dec 11, 2018 00 comments
Was going out for a walk tonight, then I looked at the weather. Seeing it was only 25° cold, I discarded my scarf, stocking hat, and gloves. I might be becoming a true Minnesotan.
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DoDapper 8 MN Dec 10, 2018 Dec 10, 2018 22 comments
I am a lifelong Minnesotan. I have lived in Minneapolis for a long time - moved here from Moorhead area in 1976. I like Minneapolis really well. I appreciate all the opportunities for intellectual activities.
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SKH78 7 MN Dec 5, 2018 Dec 5, 2018 00 comments
Hello everyone. I am a MN native. Born in Minneapolis and grew up between the south side and the north suburbs. I am a recent transplant to Florida but I do return to the cold to visit from time to time. I'm always interested in events back home.
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ponderingatheist 6 FL Dec 2, 2018 Dec 2, 2018 55 comments
Hi everyone, I grew up in the northwest suburbs of Minneapolis. I'm currently living in California.
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Happenstance 1 CA Nov 25, 2018 Nov 25, 2018 22 comments
Hello, new to this site and just getting my sea legs. I have given up on dating sites and am more so looking for my tribe. I joined the Humanists of Minnesota but found them to not be a great fit for me. I am recently an empty nester and new home ...
Posted in Minnesota group
HazelEyedSusan 3 MN Nov 23, 2018 Nov 23, 2018 66 comments

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