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Solitude does not mean loneliness. I think that the concept of “loner” brings up the idea of lonely. Most loners as with myself like it that way. Not that I can’t get lonely at times but for the most part I’m happy with my own company and keeping my own counsel . Cheers my brothers and sisters in solitude, embrace it !!

Kodiamus 7 Dec 7
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I hear you. For me, I would rather be alone in my own company than spend time with people who I don't relate with because they are too phony for me to understand on a human level. At the same time I love it when I find others that I can relate with and are able to have real conversations with. Thats a high for me.




I am my own best company, lonelyness is when when your separted from yourself.
Not healthy to be a hermit, although I love most people in small doses.


right on

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