I think there are a lot of loners out there. Everyone feels different. But are you isolated in some way.

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“Solitude can be cultivated and is enriching whereas loneliness can only be endured and it deprives.” KFP
Kodiamus Dec 7 Dec 7 00
"It is not that I do not wish to associate with men. But living alone I have the better Way." Ryokan (Trans. John Stevens)
Kodiamus Dec 7 Dec 7 11
Solitude does not mean loneliness. I think that the concept of “loner” brings up the idea of lonely. Most loners as with myself like it that way. Not that I can’t get lonely at times but for the most part I’m happy with my own company and ...
Kodiamus Dec 7 Dec 7 33
I just joined your group so I will share a video to say Hello fellow music lovers
rmbs777s Nov 28 Nov 28 11
Yep this is a loner group no posts in 3 1/2 months funny "shit"...
rmbs777s Nov 27 Nov 27 11
Hello all. Happy Saturday. Question. Do you think that there is a war on poverty? If so is it a good thing or bad and why do you feel the way you do about it. I think there is a war on poverty and I don't think its a good thing. I'll explain ...
Incognitohippy Aug 3 Aug 3 33
Hello all. Not quite sure i belong here or not but i thought I'd check it out. I love my alone time. I spend probably 70% of my time alone. But im not lonely. If i choose to be active in community and social i am very much out going. Im not ...
Incognitohippy Aug 1 Aug 1 55
I am eccentric. Most eccentrics I know are single and live with animal companions. Do you think this is common?
SKH78 July 31 Jul 31 77
Story of my life
carnivorous July 29 Jul 29 33
I'm a total loner but generally not lonely. I'm quite content in my own company but occasionally I take a look around and attempt to socialize. Hi! 😉😊
carnivorous July 26 Jul 26 33
Not a lot of posts here. It’s fitting 🙂. I think I’ll stay
JacobMeyers June 27 Jun 27 44
I like being alone but i would like to meet an atheist that i can talk to about atheist things open to helping me write an atheist book! like little Annie gets kicked outta church !...
BlairMitchell June 17 Jun 17 22
I do like spending time alone and chilling but people think that just because your alone that you are lonely. I just get tired of all the b.s and negativity and need to get away from it time to time. Plus being a little different is a good thing and...
Rowlands72 Mar 20 Mar 20 44
Just joined. Not sticking around for the moment, but I'll be back! If anybody wants to htu, go for it! I'd be interested in finding out more and talking to fellow loners!
Storm1752 Mar 15 Mar 15 11
I am a loner, an introvert and eccentric. I have trouble fitting in. Maybe I have plenty of company and just don't know it yet.
SKH78 Mar 10 Mar 10 44
Happy New Year!
MojoDave Jan 1 Jan 1 22
I wonder what percentage of people are loners? Maybe one out of 20? One out of ten? What do you think?
SKH78 Dec 20 Dec 20 33
It sounds like many members here are introverts. There's a group for that.
MojoDave Dec 11 Dec 11 22
Yep, this!
JonnaBononna Nov 24 Nov 24 44
I do have a very modest social life, but I feel like I'm only superficially connected with the rest of the world most of the time. I also spend a great deal of time alone in my apartment. Am I still qualified to be a loner?
AlasBabylon Nov 12 Nov 12 55
Hi. The more I'm around people the more I love my dogs. I'm so happy to find this website.
ACDC Sep 26 Sep 26 00
Hi. The more I'm around people the more I love my dogs. I'm so happy to find this website.
ACDC Sep 26 Sep 26 11
Hi. The more I'm around people the more I love my dogs. I'm so happy to find this website.
ACDC Sep 26 Sep 26 33
Let's give it up, do what we want and wave our loner cards!
JonnaBononna Sep 26 Sep 26 11
Well this group seems to be living up to its qualifications for membership. All is quiet on the loner front. Shhhh someone might hear me.
myownmind Aug 8 Aug 8 44

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