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I do like spending time alone and chilling but people think that just because your alone that you are lonely. I just get tired of all the b.s and negativity and need to get away from it time to time. Plus being a little different is a good thing and being classed as normal sounds boring.

Rowlands72 4 Mar 20
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I've been getting out a bit more lately, spending more time with other humans, and I've mainly been enjoying it. It's adding some stimulation to my daily life to be around other people more. On the other hand, like some others here, I usually prefer to socialize mostly with people I like or whose company I truly enjoy, and I still like to spend plenty of time alone in my apartment. Having the internet and being able to come onto makes my evenings at home much more fun and interesting, however. I'd probably spend less time alone in my place without those things.


I usually prefer just my own company but I'd still like to have a special someone in my like. Kind of a difficult place to get to (for me).

I totally can relate ! I feel like even with one like minded friend my life would be more fulfilling. I enjoy reading a lot, but after a while it would be nice to share thoughts, dreams, encouragements with another human... Many people have the chance to have a pet, but I can't, so I'm always by myself.