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Hello all. Not quite sure i belong here or not but i thought I'd check it out.
I love my alone time. I spend probably 70% of my time alone. But im not lonely.
If i choose to be active in community and social i am very much out going. Im not nervous around people in the he least.
I have found over the years i really don't like most people. I know it sounds bad but really. I can't connect to talking about the latist celebrity or so and so down the street. Ugh
So I don't know if I fit here or not.
Guess I will stick around and see.

Incognitohippy 5 Aug 1
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Welcome to the group.


Okay. One of the thing I'm interested is the income gap here in America. More specifically the mind set of different 1%-ers.
On the one hand you have Gates's and Warren using the wealth they have to prevent diseases and poverty. Pledging their income to charity.
Then you have Bezos and Trump who don't give a crap about anything except making more money.
Bezos is the 3rd richest man in the world, yet his employee's struggle to make ends meet unless they work lots of overtime. Hell he doesn't even provide adecent health insurance for employees.
I don't wonder how to distribute the wealth I wonder how the likes of Trump and Bazos can not care about other humans.
How does one get to a place where the attitude is me and mine. Screw the rest.
I don't get it


bring up a topic that interests you and see what reaction you get


I too do not get into talking about celebrities and boring things. I am eccentric. I talk about interesting things.

SKH78 Level 8 Aug 1, 2019

Exactly there are such pressing ideas to discuss. I live in a small southern town so I'm sure you can imagine.
I've always told my kids weird and eccentric are the best people.

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