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Hello all.
Happy Saturday. Question.
Do you think that there is a war on poverty?
If so is it a good thing or bad and why do you feel the way you do about it.
I think there is a war on poverty and I don't think its a good thing. I'll explain my thoughts after some of you have responded.
Thank you

Incognitohippy 5 Aug 3
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My responce is; explain yourself!

stepping Level 5 Aug 4, 2019

Really? Explain your self, meaning what?


Supposedly, Richard Nixon started a war on poverty. Today there are poor people. Both Nixon then Reagan started on war on drugs, since then crack and ecstasy has hit the streets.
To be more specific, Nixon started the war on drugs and Reagan revamped it and put more money into the fight.

I think the war on drugs accomplish one thing. Putting poor people in jail. It hasn't stopped any drugs from hitting the streets.
A person get 20 yrs for getting caught with crack.
A person gets 5 yrs for getting caught with cocain.
Usually black folks have crack and middle class white people have cocaine.
That's one way the war on poverty is being fought.

@Incognitohippy a disproportionate amount of black people are incarcerated because of drugs. White people can get a lighter sentence or none at all for the same drug charges.
Another thought on the war on poverty: as technology keeps expanding, more jobs are being lost, people are going replaced by machines. This could create even more poverty and more people becoming poor.
I like your profile picture, looks like a belly flop into the water.

@RobertMartin there are a series of these pictures. I love her because she's clocer to what most women look like. Lol

Here where I live the city is expanding pushing the poorest citizen's out so they can build fancy building and fancy urban housing, way out of the price range of the working poor.
They are also waging a war on the homeless. Taring down tent city's. Trashing what little belongings they have. Arresting they on lordering and vagrancy charges.

@Incognitohippy that's messed up, where are people going to go? Kinda sounds like they're sweeping the problem under the proverbial rug.

@RobertMartin I'm not sure where they expect them to go.
It making for a very hostile environment for the poor and homeless. I sometimes volunteer for a group here called food not bombs. They feed the homeless once a week. Their spot is right next to a huge church. The church called the police on them the other week because some of the people coming to eat were cutting through their parking lot.
It was crazy.

@Incognitohippy it's good that you have or take the time to help others.