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I am eccentric. Most eccentrics I know are single and live with animal companions. Do you think this is common?

SKH78 8 July 31
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I know this post is old. I’m eccentric, used to live alone and would still like to, and have animals who live with me. I don’t know how common it is though since I’m a loner and don’t know a lot of people let alone other loners😀


Yes. But I don't have the chance to have an animal companion, first because I have an extremely low budget, not enough space for their happiness ( only one room) and because it's forbidden by the landlady. So I'm single, eccentric and alone.

There was a time when I was trying to live on about $15 a week. Being lonely I really wanted to meet women but had no idea what to do. I found quite by chance that a local bookshop held a game night where people could come in and just play games together. One did not have to know who they were playing with but there was a chance to meet someone. Eventually, I figured out that people who had similar interests could be located by topic in the store. Hopefully, there are bookstores in your area that are large and have a number of interesting customers. One can look strange just standing in a particular isle for a long time, it works better if you just sit on the floor and read, but then the owner or salespeople will come and ask what you are doing. Talk to them, they may have an idea that is better. Just trying to help as there are many with the same problem.


Yes thats common I know quite a lot of women who love cats more than anyone else,they even let them in bed!

stepping Level 5 Aug 1, 2019

@dan325 well then,I will introduce you to my ex-girlfriend,then you can go to bed with her and 4 cats as well!


I fit that description, but no animals.

Gotta get a dog !!! 🐕🐕🐕 !!! 😀


I’m a loner, eccentric (maybe 🤪) and have two dogs !!!! Hmmm...,,,.😵😵😀

Kodiamus Level 7 Aug 1, 2019

i'm single but don't know if i'm considered eccentric but no animals

TheDoubter Level 9 July 31, 2019
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