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No posts in half a year? What's going on, guys? How's the quarantine/lockdown/re-introduction to society going? It feels even stranger interacting with people after so long in isolation.

HannaYou 6 June 20
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During the height of the shutdown, being able to work only 20-30 hrs a week, a good portion of which was telework, get up without having to use my alarm, and make use of bunch of accrued paid leave time I wouldn't have normally been able to make use of, was very nice. Now, everything is good except for one thing - having to wear a mask in public. I don't mind it so much at work, but it really puts a damper on possibilities as a currently unattached single person.

Rossy92 Level 8 Aug 18, 2020

Feels the same to me. I’ve enjoyed the shutdown/isolation.

Kodiamus Level 7 June 21, 2020