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This is a group where individuals who live or work in the greater metropolitan NYC and surrounding communities can post upcoming events and activies which may be of interests to others. Often times, there are some terrific places and events to explore, but it is not always easy to find someone who is interested in attending as well. I have missed many concerts, festivals, etc, simply because I had no one to attend with. Members could post either one-time events, such as concerts, or an ongoing event/activity, such as weekly hiking dates, book clubs, etc.

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Hey everyone I'm Cory from NYC . I have always identify myself as an atheist. I'm just happy 2 see so many of free thinkers in one place......?
CoryRiv21 Jan 29 Jan 29 33
Yay--another member!
TeacherMissEmm May 27 May 27 11
Love to join. Can’t explain why, when we live in the most densely populated part of the country, finding companions is like finding neutrinos in a glass of water.
BurtsTime June 25 Jun 25 11
I wrote this as a comment on another post and though it was a good enough to be a post of its own. The other post was about a woman expressing frustration about guys propositioning her for casual sex, her feeling obligated to indulge them in order to...
UltimateMike July 19 Jul 19 11
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TeacherMissEmm May 25 May 25 00
I don't feel like being an atheist is all that big of a deal here in NYC. Maybe that's why there aren't as many of us on this website. What about in your areas?
Olnoseven Oct 8 Oct 8 00
My partners and I from the NJ Center for Sexual Wellness will be offering free advice and lube samples at this event. Come over and say hi! Our practice provides medical care, sex therapy, and sexuality education.
UUNJ Feb 14 Feb 14 00
Based on the graphic, I'm just about at the southern most part of the Tri-State area here. But if I don't try, I won't find anyone, will I? I'm Dave, 47yo male, and actively seeking. I'd like to meet women (or male/female couples, just not an ...
PapaBearInOCNJ Nov 13 Nov 13 00