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After weeks of exercise and healthy eating, my body got a nasty shock this Fri/Sat with a blowout of rich food, sugary drinks and beer. Boy, is my stomach letting me know it is not amused at the moment! It makes me realise how much the wrong nutrition is virtually poisonous for my body. Detox Sunday will get me back on track...

P.S. The last photo is the view I get at the spot where I do my early morning stretches. It's at Orewa Beach, Auckland, New Zealand. Paradise...

pmar044 5 Nov 3
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I am mentally prepping for Thanksgiving which is coming up in a few weeks in the US. I have been mostly sugar free and vegetarian, which Thanksgiving won't be. I also have done intermittent fasting, and really most days I don't care IF I eat, but I know I have to eat to lose fat and not muscle. So learn the lesson and get back on track. My philosophy is "The NEXT bite." Don't put it off til tomorrow, get back on track with the very next bite.

@pmar044 I think I read something like that years ago. I am doing pretty well with my current plan, and I see my doctor on Tuesday. If I need to change anything we'll talk about it then. I'm bruising easily, I don't know if that is age related, I'm more active and a klutz, or if there might be another issues like Iron deficiency. Could be interesting.