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A poem about the Universe and Belief and our part in the Cosmos

(Posted as a reply I don't see a title bar for posts? Possible newbie error)

Tesseract 3 Feb 20
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No, not yet. I'd asked about that as a newb myself. @Admin ?

DangerDave Level 8 Feb 20, 2018

Sorry, it's weird not having a place to put a title. I chip away at this thing from time to time and it has become quite long but I hope you enjoy it. I started it in 2013 and have revised it 4 times 🙂

(ok I wasn't expecting this but I just put in another part after I posted this so there's another glump of words in there about Hubble and that I added just now lol)

God Loves You

I wonder what it’s like to be in the frame of mind
To unironically believe that
The creator of the whole Universe-
(Of space and time:
Who set the speed of light at about
700 million miles per hour
And Absolute Zero at -273 Celsius.
The One Who created Gravity, Universal attraction, and Magnetism;
The one created the hugest stars. The unimaginably enormous ones we have given names to like W26 and Rigel and Betelgeuse and VY Canis Majoris;
And the creator of the minuscule:
Of the cell, the mitochondria
The molecule
The atom
Protons, Electrons, and Neutrons.
Quarks, Leptons, Bosons
And the eleven dimensional strings…..;
The creator of Time and Space
The dot, line, cube, and tesseract
5-cube hypercube with 32 vertices, 80 edges, 80 square faces,
40 cubic cells, and 10 tesseract 4-faces.
And so on in spacial dimensions

And Time Dimensions with the Past, Present, and Future
Possibilities are the second dimension of time.
What is the third?

Only God knows

but if you look far enough into space
You go back in time as older and older protons from the beginning of the universe impact your retina.
This is the same god that guided millions generations of millions of species of organisms for 550 million years
From single-celled Archaea
to Ediacaran organisms
To the Cambrian Explosion, the first evolutionary race:
The Dawn of Dance, of deliberate movement in the water
The Era of Aquatic Arthropods such as Alpha Predator Anomalocaris.
Sexes arrived so that the DNA could recombine
and make individual individuals
To the time when a spinal cord was developed,
The birth of the vertebrates:
Then distinct head, a jaw, then limbs,
And the Tiktaalak dragged itself up onto the dry land.
It developed the ability to breathe air
And it laid eggs that had a casing that made then able to be laid
away from the uterine water
Then they started developing the young inside the bodies of the females
And scales became thin and hollow and good for insulation and turned to hair
We became endothermic
And about two hundred thousand years ago,
The human species came along
And at some time round then we became able to
Communicate thoughts and ideas through speech
And writing came along, first animals painted on cave walls
And the outlines of women’s hands,
And then the abstract development of the written word:
“letters” pressed into clay.

We leaned we could change the state of more than silt clay with heat to harden it to tablets and pots
We learned that certain stones or alloys would also change state under fire
And the Bronze age began and while humans evolved with the knowledge
Of smelting alloys the ages of the rise in Civilisations would so be named
The Bronze Age, The Iron Age, Industrilil age with steel
But we were doing more than mixing metals into alloys
Artisians and craftsmen were turning math into art
And Glass was developed and lenses and mirrors
And Galilao turned his looking glass to the night sky and
found that the wandering stars, the planets, were globes like our world
And was called a Heretic by those who had decided what the creator of everything must be like

Things existed in concept too
More etherial than air
We tried to understand our world and the concept of zero and one
So simple and elegant so necessary that one might ovelook what invention that was
And just as matter emerged from the simple so did our understanding
The Euclidean geometry and the birth of science, getting to know the universe
By error and success took a parallel path with the awe of the notion that
there might be a designer
As we looked for order in a seemingly chaotic world.
Waves and particles, atoms and octaves
From the Tetrahedron and understanding of math we sought to bring order in the world
Each of us standing on the shoulders of the giants before us
Keplar tried to impress them to the wandering stars and coined the Platonic solids
Wrong or right by eliminating the errors we walk the sword edge closer and closer to the truth
Pythgoras, Fibonacci and Mandelbrot bought chaos to beauty and light to the enropy

But time marches on and
We started into the deep and the dark and in the 1920's Hubble Pulled the material onto a mountain
And discovered the unbelieveable: The andromeda Nebula was another galaxy like the Milky Way
Another Island of Stars. He looked and started and discovered more:
That The Islands Of Stars, the Galaxies, were rushing away from each other at tremendous speed
And at the end of the century and amazing space telescope was launched into space
Celebrating his name and showing us astouonding things
That stars are born in nurseries and have a life
And light can bend
And that theere are far more galaxies than we could have fathomed
And looking deep into space was looking far back in time
The Profondity of the Deep Field Image
Even firther back to a map of time before stars
When mattar and the universe was embyonic soup
The Cosmic Microwave Backround
And we looking inward, nations gathering not in war but in peace
And looking inwards at places like CERN
And telescopes seeking gravitational waves

We loved and lost amd mourned
We questioned ourselves and fate and our mortality,
And we hypothesized about a god.
This God who was all-powerful
did not prevent Rape or War
Child molestation or Cancers
Complex diseases of the mind, body, spirit and soul.
(If there even is such a thing as a spirit or soul.)
God created those things.
God created Trauma.
God created PTSD.
We imagined this god as petty and vindictive In fear of mortality we imagined
Heaven and Hell
But out if fear of the all powerful we called it “Good” and said
it moves in mysterious ways and that trauma was a part of his plan, as most religions imagined this power as male.

A megalomaniac man that can only be satiated
With the sacrifice of its most beautiful and cosmically rare of all creations:
Complex life forms.
How very ironic.
That this God will look to our little galaxy,
To One galaxy out of billions, “The Milky Way”
With our little yellow star, two thirds of the
Way out from a super massive black hole
Near astronomical feature known to us as Sagittarius A.
The Milky Way is 100 Thousand light years across
On the spiral arm known to us as The Orion–Cygnus Arm,
A thousand light years long
And it takes roughly 240 million years
For our little sun to take one rotation
And 350 million years for the outermost stars
Around the supermassive black hole of the Milky Way;
In a universe 4.3 billion years old
(I suppose if you don’t count relativity)

Sixty-six percent of the life span of the time everything we know of
has ever been alive on this pale blue dot is single rotation of the outermost stars in the galaxy.

Simply mind Blowing.

Where will we be at one and a half? Will we still exist? What about rotations number 2?

When we were at this place on the rotation of the galaxy last time,
The Permian–Triassic extinction event took place,
the most severe and longest to recover extinction event occurred.
Life on Gaia was decimated and very nearly exterminated.

About 2,000 rotations ago of the third planet from “The Sun”,
It is said, a sacrifice was made of the only son of this God,
Who was himself,
The creator of Spacetime and Mass and Matter for some reason
Had to rape an innocent 16 year old girl and force her to give birth to materialize itself.
How does that even make sense?
Two thousand years is not even a drop in the ocean of existence
And for some reason this species think it is more important than the others,
More Intelligent, more special, better.

Even though it has the most out of control population explosion of all creatures.

A mere one hundred and fifty years ago the population started to grow from a steady population of one billion
That had been steady for eons.
But it started to grow and by 1950 hit 2 billion.
The human population has doubled from 3.7 billion in 1970 to 7.4 billion as of 2015.
Over 400 million people have been born since the first draft of this poem
Four humans are born every second to two deaths.
We are drowning the planet.

But somehow we are lead to believe that we are the most special and the most precious while we are undergoing the second biggest extinction event of all the wildlife.
And if we really were the most special and the most intelligent of all creatures, why are we forcing other creatures to learn our language rather than learning theirs?
We must save the precious biodiversity for that is what is the most precious and special on Our Pale Blue Dot among Billions and billions and billions of others, none of whom we have found evidence of life.)
So I wonder what it’s like to be in the frame of mind
To unironically believe that

The Creator of all this
Loves you.
Not to stop the wars, the hatred and the racism
Not to help the tiny Mission off the downtown core in a prairie city in Canada
Who gave soup and blankets to the needy
From burning to the ground in the crisp frosty autumn air.
Or not to stop cancer or AIDS or Rheumatoid Arthritis or despair or suicide
Or any number of painful incurable condition to all
The people and everything that relies on pain to keep them alive:
Anything with a nervous system and a brain it can go tragically wrong
Life is so precious
and it is squandered
And we are not holding hands for love and comfort to drive
This tiny planet to a positive place
So very Beautiful yet so Terrible that we can barely dare to look
Instead we gnash our teeth and shout

As our spherical ark plummets through the floods of Space and Time
But then again is all that is a bit harder to swallow
than vegetarian carnivores in a garden
with a talking snake and
magic fruit that gives knowledge to anything that consumes it.
You wouldn’t want to do that now, would you?
You wouldn’t want to KNOW;
For knowledge is sin for some reason
And ignorance is revered along with blind faith

So you go along drinking the purple Kool-Aid believing that knowledge isn’t wisdom it is punishable by banishment which keeps you in confusion and fear and social pressure
So that you unironically believe that his god loves you and will put all of this aside so that
your football team will win.

"God Loves You"
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Tesseract Level 3 Feb 20, 2018


How long did it take you to type all that?

@MikeFlora not sure, I typed it as I wrote the poem, a few hours cumulated over the times I was writing it and fact checking and pondering