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Hello all, I'm new to this site and this group. I wanted to share some of the my work and offer an avenue of exploration. I'm going to share two paintings. The first is a self portrait completed in 2014. It is mixed media and an exploration of color and form using textiles and texture. The second is titled, "Cubist Impression: Houghton Bay - Day" and is one of 10. This series of paintings was completed in 2009 in Houghton Bay, Wellington New Zealand. This series had its initial exhibition at the A'Art Gallery in Newtown, Wellington New Zealand 2009. This particular piece was most recently exhibited at the Kentucky State Fair 2019. The series is the second series of paintings exploring what I call "Cubist Impressionism". The methodology of creating the studies merges 2 formal movement's stylistic characteristics and a style; Cubism (taking a subject, breaking it up and rearranging it), Impressionism (impasto paint application, attempting to capture natural light at the time they occur using hues and tonality) and Expressionism (an expression or mood captured at the time of creation).

I'm not here to sell anything. I just thought I would share in the hopes to inspire and offer an avenue of exploration for craftswo/men should anyone see value in the methodology and want to create using this model.

(Currently 1 of the "Cubist Impression - Nude Running #3 is in a private collection in Bel Air, CA, the first 2 drip studies of the "Cubist Impression - Houghton Bay" are in a private collection in Brooklyn, Wellington, New Zealand with 3 of the studies in private collection here in Louisville, Kentucky)

digifilm4 5 Nov 28
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Love the second one!

Hathacat Level 9 Nov 28, 2019

Very nice
And welcome!!!

Zoohome Level 8 Nov 28, 2019


glennlab Level 9 Nov 28, 2019

Hello and welcome.


I like them. I am sure a photo of them doesn’t do them justice. I would love to have more time for artwork.

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