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Sharing my album from my hike of The Great Smokey Mountains. I did a point to point hike on the Appalachian Trail (AT) starting in the middle of The Great Smokey Mountains National Park and ending on the East side. I hiked roughly 33 miles in 3 days of hiking.


Great hike! Very challenging! Great vistas.... I want to go back and do the thru hike some day.

(Link works!)

By marmot847
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Beautiful, I hope to hike it some day ?

OldHippie Level 4 Sep 3, 2018

Awesome pics! I have always wanted to do the Appalachian trail or a part of it. Thanks for sharing.

marksam8484 Level 6 Aug 21, 2018

Beautiful. I like the mushroom pics. "Every mushroom is edible, but some only once."

thislife Level 7 Aug 20, 2018

I'm not far from the Appalachian Trail in Virginia. One day I'll hike along it, or take a bike ride. Great scenery.

AncientNight Level 8 Aug 20, 2018

Great photos! That looks like a wonderful way to spend your time.


Cool! Looks like home. Is that the Chimneys?

You like your mushrooms!

AstralSmoke Level 8 Aug 20, 2018

I was fascinated by the mushrooms. I was suprised at the varieties and I decided to start documenting them. I want to learn the mycology... new hobby!

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