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Went for a morel hunt today. Here's some of my scenery.

Shot with an LG Fiesta 13mp

"Photography" "Hike, Climb, Paddle"

NotConvinced 7 May 5
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Beautiful! Thanks for sharing these


You found one in the cotton wood bark ?


How moral is a morel hike?

zorialoki Level 8 May 6, 2018

Neato! Fungus are fascinating

He is a fun-guy

Tasty. is the trick to future success. ....carry a bag of water to gather the morels in. the water to sprinkle on suitable land protected for you and those you trust. ...repeat year after year until more morels burst open in your place than where else you hunt morels


There are some great hunting grounds a couple hours north of me. One day I will learn how to find the right conditions to search. I might as well be productive on hikes!

@NotConvinced I love to photograph them, but I’m nervous about eating them without expert guidance. I bought a guidebook, but still afraid.

@Untamedshrew I'm with you on that. I don't trust myself enough to pick the right mushrooms. I love mushrooms, so I get mine from stores.

@NotConvinced Thanks! I'll try one next time I see them.

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