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This is a Group to discuss NCAA Football and now expanded to include Basketball. Please let us know who your favorite team is and your thoughts on the 2018-2019 College Football Season. Do you agree or disagree with the current rankings? Who is going to win it all this year? Heated discussion is quite all right, but let's keep it clean and about the subject matter. "Your team is pitiful and sucks" is O.K., but "You suck because you like Alabama" is not O.K.

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Welcome all NCAA Football Fans. Let's get this thing going. Friendly and even heated debate is not only permitted, but expected. Let's not get personal, though, or I'll throw the yellow flag.
GuyKeith 11 comment
File this one under Holy Crap: What is the Gator's reward for upsetting 4 Auburn? A trip to LSU (1 in the SEC) and then a non-conference game vs. 2 Baylor.
jeshuey Jan 19 Jan 19 00 comments
My Gators have now beaten top ten Auburn teams in football and basketball in the same year. Before you know it their fans will be hating on us as much as Ohio State fans.
jeshuey Jan 18 Jan 18 11 comment
This is neither college, nor football, nor basketball related but.... Cheating! I may have missed this so I am not sure if this has happened but I do not think it has - why are they not stripping the win/prize/championship from these teams? Astros &...
Heidi68 Jan 17 Jan 17 11 comment
Congratulations to the Memphis Basketball Tigers for defeating the UT Vols at Knoxville. Hardaway wants to continue the series, but the Vols want no part of a team that defeated them today. Memphis is missing its two star players and is playing ...
GuyKeith Dec 14 Dec 14 11 comment
I made this for all those poor Michigan fans.
GuyKeith Dec 2 Dec 2 22 comments
Schiano looks like he is in his way back too Rutgers!!! Hopefully he can fix the mess!
alan62 Dec 2 Dec 2 11 comment
Forgot to say this last night. And yes, I know there were some really big games going on but this was my win, win game. My 2 favorite teams played so I was good with either winning. GOOOO HEEEEEELS!
Heidi68 Dec 1 Dec 1 11 comment
Who else is going to be bing-watching football today. Lots of great games + I am stuck in under 20 inches of snow and 35-55 mph winds.
GuyKeith Nov 30 Nov 30 33 comments
Congrats to Memphis, who won the right to do it all over again next week, and Iowa, who stuck a fork into the Huskers in a most exhilarating finish.
jeshuey Nov 30 Nov 30 11 comment
Yeah, I couldn't resist! 2 of my least favorite teams in 3 fantastic funnies! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Heidi68 Nov 29 Nov 29 00 comments
Great round of big games today. It's a fanny blisters day!
jeshuey Nov 9 Nov 9 11 comment
Congratulations to the Memphis Tigers for their victory. They battled Lee Corso, The Refs and their own mistakes to pull off the win against 15th ranked and undefeated SMU. It was a high-powered game.
GuyKeith Nov 3 Nov 3 22 comments
The Packer's game had me screaming! Raiders are beating themselves! Sooo frustrating.
jniece Nov 1 Nov 1 00 comments
I should have shared this on Saturday! 🤣🤣🤣
Heidi68 Oct 28 Oct 28 11 comment
So happy to see the Notre Dame Fighting Pretenders get crushed. How long can success in the 1950s carry one sports program anyway?
jeshuey Oct 27 Oct 27 22 comments
Oklahoma is on the ropes against Kansas State. They just turned the ball over after KC scored another touchdown. If they are upset, this removes another possible playoff team. Stay tuned. KC leads 34-23 in the 3rd quarter. Ohio State is breezing ...
GuyKeith Oct 26 Oct 26 11 comment
Gators finally get a chance to get healthy, they've played without a number of their defensive all year. UGA scares me though in spite of their recent struggles.
jeshuey Oct 20 Oct 20 11 comment
Congratulations to Florida for avoiding being the victim of another South Carolina upset. The Gamecocks shocked highly ranked Georgia last week. The SEC is just murder, year in and year out. There are those who try to poo-poo the strength of the ...
GuyKeith Oct 19 Oct 19 22 comments
Yesterday was not that good a day for me. Florida lost when LSU scored 21 unanswered points. The hated Tennessee managed to win an SEC game over heavily favored Mississippi State. And, last but not least, Memphis was robbed by a terrible call, and ...
GuyKeith Oct 13 Oct 13 22 comments
It's almost Game Day, so I'll start -- I'll take UF and the 13.5 points, but I cannot see them winning this game, especially since it's at night in Death Valley. (I don't see them beating UGA either, but 10-2 or 9-3 and a nice bowl game ain't ...
jeshuey Oct 10 Oct 10 11 comment
Congratulations to the American Conference (not a Power 5) for having 3 teams in one of the 2 Top 25 Polls. UCF, SMU and the University of Memphis. SMU and Memphis are undefeated and meet on Nov. 2 at the Liberty Bowl in Memphis. []
GuyKeith Oct 1 Oct 1 11 comment
Welcome to the new members. We are growing, slowly, but surely. NFL football and NBA round ball are also topical here.
GuyKeith Oct 1 Oct 1 33 comments
Seems to start earlier every year... []
jeshuey Sep 29 Sep 29 11 comment
FL Gators' good news... They are 5-0. FL Gators' bad news... Based on what I've seen so far they could easily lose 3 of their next 4 games.
jeshuey Sep 29 Sep 29 22 comments

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