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Hello everyone, just joined the group. I'm interested to hear what others are doing on line, are they happy with results. What tools are being used and what are the main pain points.
Cabernet56 May 15 May 15 11
Okay someone post a hot lead! RatRaceRebellion has not been fruitful.... Thanks.
RavenCT Sep 10 Sep 10 00
I've been working at home/online as a virtual assistant since dealing with personal setbacks a few years ago and then health issues more recently. Nice to be here.
bleurowz Apr 5 Apr 5 22
Has anyone tried the website It was recommended to me by the good folks at vocational rehabilitation. I haven't found anything I'm qualified to do, but I thought I'd share with y'all. X
Katastrophe1969 Mar 22 Mar 22 22
For the software developers and our ilk, one of the best places to check out 100% remote work is right on Click the Find A Job box over on the right and put "remote" into the Located Anywhere textbox. Surprising amount of remote ...
zenstain Mar 20 Mar 20 00
A reference to companies who employ teachers online. These are legitimate companies, in this industry. I work for Berlitz, though it was called Telelangue, a French company, before Berlitz took it over a years ago. (I wish they hadn't, actually.) ...
David1955 Feb 17 Feb 17 00
I taught art appreciation, online, for 4 years and loved it. I gave it up to take over a silver smithing class.
farmboy2017 Feb 17 Feb 17 00
Well I thought there might be a few more members here but,,,
DeityfreeRo Feb 17 Feb 17 22
Thanks @btroje You beat me to it. :-)
David1955 Feb 17 Feb 17 00
I am particularly interested in doing online conversational English. I am not a professional teacher but I have worked in medicine and would like to help people with medical skills polish their speaking ability as they see fit
btroje Feb 16 Feb 16 11