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So who is in control of your life?.. You?.. or have you given your power.. your life.. away to a substance or behavior? Life is a series of choices and you have control over much of what affects your life.. more accurately.. you have control over much of what negatively impacts your life. Your reaction to outside stimuli is important as well. Poor coping mechanisms serve to keep the cycle of self harm in constant motion. Tired of having a difficult life.. at the mercy of your addictions? There is hope.. seek help.. learn how to make better decisions regarding your welfare. It's never too late to help yourself.

Starfodder 6 July 18
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I believe that everyone has the power to overcome the traumas, addictions, and misfortunes that happen to them in life. That the key is whether or not they really want to or not. That if you refuse to be a victim to something then you will overcome it. I'm not saying it's easy in any way but if you're determined to win then you will eventually. I'd rather be a hammer than a nail sort of speak. Some may not have the skills but skills can be learned. What it takes to beat any situation is to believe you can and be determined to do so.

Lewdsurfer Level 5 July 19, 2018

I don't think this post takes into account the complexities of the problem.

brentan Level 8 July 18, 2018

Actually it does.. There is only one way to stop addiction.. not a mystery.. In order to stop.. you must stop.. Physics.. logic.. fact...

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