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Hi, I'm Z and I am an alcoholic. I have managed, 24 hours at a time, to string together twelve years of sobriety, ironically enough, via a Twelve Step program. Due to increasing religiosity at the evening meeting I used to attend, and chastisement at work for attending meetings during my lunch hour, I have not attended a meeting in a few years. (some life changes looming might soon change that for me).

I sympathize with addicts of all kinds. My sobriety tends to be its healthiest when I frequently exchange experience, strength, and hope with other drinkers, So, I hope any lurkers eventually feel comfortable enough to share or ask questions, here.

My sobriety is the gift of life for me. It was horribly difficult at first and I could never have imagined that living would ever become fun again, but it has. The excruciating work to get clean was more than worth it.

Zster 8 Feb 23
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Are any of you familiar with AA for Agnostics? There are meetings in Madison and Milwaukee but those are both an hour away. I've been considering starting a meeting at my Unitarian Church in fond du lac. There isn't a lot of choice when it comes to recovery groups for secular people especially in smaller towns. I tried Smart Recovery and it is pretty good, but it feels like it is lacking something. Any opinions or insight is most welcomed.

When I first got sober, after returning from rehab, I sought out an AAA meeting in La Crosse, which is about two and a half hours away (Madison is about two, Milwaukee is more like three.) After making the trip, I discovered the group consisted of what is generally considered to be the minimum required for a meeting -- two drunks and a resentment. I didn't return. I strongly considered starting an AAA group in Stevens Point and attempted to gauge the level of interest by talking to attendees at the traditional AA meetings in the area, but received mostly blank looks.

AA for me was always about the fellowship of people who shared my struggle. I never did a 12-step program. In three days I will be two years sober, and I am loving sobriety. The last AA meeting I went to was when I received my 1 year coin. I just can't stomach all the religious stuff. The greatest lie of AA is "The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking." They leave out that you have to believe in a higher power, namely the one referred to as "God."

I have no intention of going to a meeting to receive a two year coin. I guess I'll carry around this one year coin for the rest of my life. lol


P.S. I picked up my four month marble. I’m a newb!


I feel comfortable sharing here because I’ve found other addicts who have beaten their addictions without religion and/or the 12 steps. I attended an NA meeting tonight because I need the accountability AND my home group isn’t preachy. I also need to hear from others who are struggling, who are succeeding, everything. It keeps me focused and humble.


Welcome, Z! Congrats on the clean time!

My main reason for gradually missing meetings was the "same old, same old" war stories. I began at about 10 years clean for me. By then I was feeling AA was becoming an addiction...that I'd heard it all and said it all at all the groups in my vicinity.

Still, I go back from time to time. I've yet to visit one in Vegas but I will at some time to pick up that 17th year chip. (Not 18 as I'd previously math was least I remember the date, 3/12/01).

I'd heard a few speakers say there was life after AA but they were quick to add they still attended regularly..."regularly" being a relative term. I've brought that up but I'll try to avoid the part where I rarely attend now. There is no need to encourage the newbs to stop attending...regularly...anyway...

Glad to have you! The group is just getting started and, while I have no intention of this becoming an "online meeting", I hope to see you around...regularly. heh.

Most of all I wish you continued health, happiness and sobriety. Remember whatever challenges you face COULD be worse! 😉

DangerDave Level 8 Feb 24, 2018
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