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Philosophy from the mind, science of the matter?

Mind over matter. If it doesn't matter, then there is no mind? Yes, playing with words a bit, but maybe it would go somewhere? If you don't mind, does it matter? There must be mind and matter?

John 1:1 in the beginning was the logos, the logos was with god and was god. John 1:14 ... the logos become flesh.(a person). John 10:34 ...written in your Law, 'I have said you are "gods[the people]"'?

So, the people are gods and god was with logos and was logos in the beginning.

So people are logos or cognition that brings about themselves.

Ah, but you say, people have 2 parents, thus a starting point of the cognition with the completion of the zygote. What happens from there? Chemical reaction, it is mind over matter. What is your mind? Chemical reaction/brain waves over matter build from the startingpoint of the zygotethat is the completed DNA informationthat is "your information code"? Is E=mc^2 relative?

An allegory is story with a hidden meaning.
I wonder about the mysteries of the allegory from Genesis 1: 2 ...and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.3 And God said, “Let there be light,” ...

Spirit is translated from ruach in original language which mean force, like kinetic energy of air.

Ah, we have a Force studied by science.
To speak is showing logos or cognition capabilitie with a force, the force of taking air molecules in lungs, giving them an intellegentable pattern into words being forced out of the mouth .. intellageable air or breath movement with kinetic energy.

So, it should say ... the "ruach" of a person [because we already established people are gods, so we say a person rather than god]

So, it would say... the "force of kinetic energy" of a person was hovering over the waters.

Could waters be representing the atoms in the DNA chain as "the force" of kinetic energy was zipping over them connecting with chemical reactions. Then there was "light" of your cognition started as the zygote was complete? A person's small, small cognition spark grows in the womb with the brain being produced and after birth more "information energy " in brought to the brain by eyes sight, ears sound and feeling given growth to cognition abilities.

So, you started as a chemically reacting zygote of chemical reactions over matter.

It was just a thought, i thought i would share.

Word 8 Dec 17
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This is fucking word salad, not philosophy, not science, just meandering acid thoughts.

HereticSin Level 7 Dec 18, 2019

My English teachers used something along the lines of brainstorming they called it. Get some words out, throw them around, toss them in the air a time or 2. Add s little dressing and let them soak over night. Then, return the next day and all the flavors of the words are .... you would just have to try it yourself some time.

But as to acid bath, that wouldn't sound very flavorful for some words.


I thought you’d be reading the adventures of Alice in Wonerland for a moment there 😉


Philosophy is of the mind. Immaterial and non physical. Some may say spiritual.
Science is about matter. Material and physical. We can sense it, test it and measure it.

They are opposites but compliment each other. The ying and the yang.

There you are correct imo but your flaw is regarding what is written about philosophy, doctrine, as if it matters eg it is real and unchallengeable. You can't use that as evidence in a scientific argument.

powder Level 8 Dec 17, 2019

Philosophy is of the mind. Immaterial and non physical. Some may say spiritual.

As I explained original language "ruach" is a force. Force is immaterial? Force is an action of matter? Force = mass x acceleration. Spirit is ruach. Ruach is a force. Are forces not measurable?

A mass changes velocity or direction and it has a force? When does matter not move? Matter is basically always in some state of movement relative to something else that matters?