Science vs Philosphy

This is for people who wish to debate the merits of each method. Which one is best? Do the 2 need one another? Please feel free to openly criticise either method as you see fit. Don't get personal, but don't hold back either.

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Science vs. philosophy Science is a "way of knowing", Philosophy is "Loving" the way of knowing. Science definition the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical ...
Word Mar 24 Mar 24 22
LINK Evolution - What Darwin Never Knew - NOVA Full Documentary HD - YouTube
levan Mar 16 Mar 16 00
True good post
levan Mar 15 Mar 15 00
Time to Brush up on Bertrand Russell
Mcflewster Mar 10 Mar 10 22
Science vs. Philosophy? How about both? None other than the great Neil deGrasse Tyson has more than once expressed public disdain for Philosophy (see ""Why Does Neil deGrasse Tyson Hate Philosophy?). I respect and love pretty much ...
SeekingWisdom Dec 18 Dec 18 55
Philosophy from the mind, science of the matter? Mind over matter. If it doesn't matter, then there is no mind? Yes, playing with words a bit, but maybe it would go somewhere? If you dont mind, does it matter? There must be mind and matter? ...
Word Dec 17 Dec 17 33
I regularly attend a skeptics and believers group in Henley on Thames which I have notified on this site. I post this notification of the up coming meeting firstly for information on what we talk about but I hope it might prompt some discussion ...
Mcflewster Nov 13 Nov 13 33
This is a statement of hope that gives me great inspiration. What we do not know about ourselves. It is also a statement that every Humanist and scientist would agree would recognize as helping people reach their true potential.
Mcflewster Sep 14 Sep 14 22
Tools to overcome religion. Of the intellectual tools, philosophy and science , science is the best because its processes are simpler and any person can be improved to use it wisely, whereas one would have to study so many philosophers ...
Mcflewster June 18 Jun 18 11
Don't think there is "method" in philosophy, especially modern philosophy. Many modern philosophy is just abstract thinking without having an anchor. So, no, science doesn't need it.
AltonCheung Jan 24 Jan 24 44
Science is the pursuit of knowledge of our world, what we can sense, observe, measure. Philosophy is abstract thought, not necessarily anything to do with reality. Knowledge is useless if we don't apply it to be useful. Science is the tool but ...
powder Dec 2 Dec 2 44
Logos is a subset of philosophy, and science is derived from it in some distinct ways, starting with the concepts of rationality established by Greek philosophers. The idea that God must be rational, ergo the world must have rational order, was ...
HereticSin Aug 7 Aug 7 22
Without the philosophy of science, there is no science.
Heraclitus June 7 Jun 7 22