Science vs Philosphy

This is for people who wish to debate the merits of each method. Which one is best? Do the 2 need one another? Please feel free to openly criticise either method as you see fit. Don't get personal, but don't hold back either.

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I regularly attend a skeptics and believers group in Henley on Thames which I have notified on this site. I post this notification of the up coming meeting firstly for information on what we talk about but I hope it might prompt some discussion too as to whether this type of group can do any good at all.

                                      Title of the session is Ecclesiastes

Ecclesiastes is a great book to include as it seems to give a message that many atheists are comfortable with, or perhaps told by theists that they hold: that there is a deep meaninglessness to life. We will assume that you will be familiar with the content of the book, but please bring your Bibles or these days, your Bible-Apps.

Some topics we’ll hope to cover:

• How could such a bleak book end up in the Bible?

• Is the message of meaninglessness actually correct?

• What other messages of wisdom did we like, found helpful or notable?

• What teaching about God is given and how does this compare against other material in the Bible?

We (never more than 12 of us, but at one time we regularly had 30 to 40) will stay in the bar area and will settle down for the 8pm start and there will be a 'half time' break to refresh your glasses.

I get a lot from it particularly because it means I do not have to read Bibles and other philosophical texts. I let the others do all the hard work.

Mcflewster 7 Nov 13
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What and where is this alleged gott gawd gods thing ? Gibberish is not a real word if you put a Capital Letter On It

I know how you feel but Gibberish is not the word. What is important is thatwe start persuading them that they are wrong in friendly discussion and remaining calm. Try it some time?


The bible is 100% bullshit. Genocidal misogynistic anti-science pro-violent abortions and rape of all Samarian virgin females....only Atheists read this snuff murderous pornography King James bibles.... why are apologists for bible lies still here in

I was only reporting on what actually happened and in no way am I likely to be taken in by anything in the Bible. I was reporting on a movement which if it is correctly and respectively conducted could end religion once and for all. I see no point in insulting or decrying real human beings who have been taken in by the nonsense.
Every dipute ends by the two sides beginning and succeeding in agreeing with each other.


I find it interesting that believers think that non-believers have a meaningless life, as for myself, I think it gives it more meaning because I know it is the only one I will ever have so live it to the fullest that I can and try to be a good person. Living this life under judgment for a maybe next better or mabe worse, depends on that judgement, does not sound like a meaningfull life.