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I recall reading a book in 8th grade that was really similar to M. Night's The Village. A girl sneaks out of her 17th century village to find medicine for her dying sister only to learn her entire village is a science experiment by a shady corporation.

Yet as vividly as I remember this book, I can find nothing about it, only about the movie the village. Which it is almost identical to, except it isn't at the same time. Anyone else know anything like that or have a similar experience remembering a book but being unable to find anything about it? There's one other experience I have like that. A book about a changing girl who falls down a hole and ends up in the land of faerie and a spider makes her a beautiful dress and there's a bath made out of a large pond and yet nothing I can find on it.

It's very frustrating

LadyAlyxandrea 8 June 10
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I'm looking forward to the replies you get. These sound like books I would enjoy reading.

pixiedust Level 8 June 10, 2018

Yes. There are two or three books I remember reading but can't find anymore. Is it possible it was by a small publisher and simply hasn't been reprinted?

Rogeralyn found it. It probably is because it is 15 years old and probably wasn't super popular. Now if only I could find the faerie one lol

I was starting to think I Mandela effect hallucinated the book

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