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My article on alien life in Perihelion Science Fiction.


evidentialist 8 May 19
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@DaveMania -- Just a bit more on the notion of that notion of manipulating the environment. We already know that we are not alone in the Universe, as I said, but I find myself wondering about chimps, capuchins, and bonobos. How long will it be before any one of them becomes our competitors at moving out into space? I say that with a smile, but it's not just a joke. It could become a future reality.



I enjoyed that.

I sway towards the theory that simple life is likely to be very common, complex life much less so and technological societies vanishingly rare — such that they aren't likely to overlap in time, or at least within each others' time 'cones' if we're going to go all Hawking.... Hence why we don't see them by standard radio waves.

It doesn't stop me dreaming though.

DaveMania Level 6 May 22, 2018

Agreed. The question, "Are we alone in the Universe," can be answered with a solid 'no' only if we make the assumption that life develops spontaneously wherever it can. Because we have a sample of one with which to work that answer becomes problematic. If we find a single microbe elsewhere in our system, that 'no' answer takes on a whole new character. We can then say that because the sampling of planets is large enough we can almost guarantee life abounds throughout the Universe.

The other side of that question about our uniqueness in this array of potential life bearing planets is another issue. We have a large enough sample here on Earth to say that intelligence, like life, may be common everywhere life exists. Technological civilizations can only develop to a level that the physiology of the intelligence allows. We have been fortunate in that regard. It is interesting that the chimpanzee appears to have entered its stone age. A few have been observed fashioning crude tools.


Good story. I enjoyed it, and the concepts.

Petter Level 8 May 19, 2018