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Early example of a wall fail. [madeworthy.com]
TheGreatShadow Jan 31 Jan 31 00 comments
Hes got his mexico paying for it delusion again. Recycling delusions might set off echos in the brainwashed....like dictatorial deja vu for dummies
DavidRooney Jan 31 Jan 31 11 comment
Authorities discover the longest drug-smuggling tunnel in San Diego Let's get that wall up ASAP! [wgntv.com]
TheGreatShadow Jan 31 Jan 31 00 comments
How to build a wall? Or not.
TheGreatShadow Jan 30 Jan 30 22 comments
True. Just keep in mind Farley died from a drug overdose (not that he actully said this - been dead for years).
TheGreatShadow Dec 27 Dec 27 11 comment
Captian temper tantrum is getting his way. Fuck! [newsweek.com]
TheGreatShadow Dec 24 Dec 24 11 comment
Maybe... [agnostic.com]
TheGreatShadow July 27 Jul 27 11 comment
They're not concentration camps, they're Trump Camps
HippieChick58 June 26 Jun 26 00 comments
A right wing xtian posted this. I told him that a priest told me that there was no hell, or purgatory. I told him I already commited the cardinal sin. He said god would always take me back, and I would be allowed into heaven. Waiting for a reply. ...
TheGreatShadow June 26 Jun 26 00 comments
Wall would have stopped this guy! SMH This is from a CONSERVITAVE! Yes, this guy was LEGAL, and not from MEXICO!
TheGreatShadow June 26 Jun 26 00 comments
Scratches head...
TheGreatShadow June 22 Jun 22 22 comments
This proposed border wall would destroy a National Butterfly Center. The North American Butterfly Association filed a lawsuit that was dismissed: [cnn.com] And the poor excuse for a judge who dismissed it? Richard Leon: [consortiumnews.com] ...
altschmerz Feb 21 Feb 21 33 comments
Better think twice Mexicans! If the wall won't stop you, this will.....
TheGreatShadow Feb 21 Feb 21 33 comments
I feel so stupid that I just now realized why Trump wants the wall. He wants a fucking monument to himself. I bet my left nut if he ever got to build the wall he would have it legally designated as the Trump Wall.
mooredolezal Feb 20 Feb 20 22 comments
The dynamic of it. All 19 came here legally!
TheGreatShadow Feb 17 Feb 17 11 comment
Why isn't keeping illegal firearms out of the country a selling point for the wall? After all it will keep all those Mexicans and drugs out of this country... wait... by keeping select firearms out of this country would be violating the second ...
TheGreatShadow Feb 15 Feb 15 22 comments
@RavenCT [ecowatch.com] :(
TheGreatShadow Feb 13 Feb 13 55 comments
ALL of the 9/11 terrorists came here on VISAS! [factcheck.org]
TheGreatShadow Feb 11 Feb 11 11 comment
FACT! Don't work.
TheGreatShadow Feb 11 Feb 11 22 comments
Good thing the wall stopped them! [ksbw.]
TheGreatShadow Feb 6 Feb 6 00 comments
This gave me a chuckle....about the SOTU address tomorrow night. Can't wait to watch the parody on SNL! [scontent.fmia1-2.fna.fbcdn.net]
Robecology Feb 4 Feb 4 33 comments
I was looking for a group pic. Came across this little gem. I could not stop laughing!
TheGreatShadow Feb 4 Feb 4 00 comments
More words of wisdom from FB. The reply is just the opposite of win.
TheGreatShadow Feb 4 Feb 4 33 comments
Don't think that's going to happen, since it's 70 -30 % against.
MikeFlora Jan 28 Jan 28 44 comments
I just joined this group..Obviously there is a suffocating amount of controversy over a southern wall for border/land security....apart from the financial challenges, while directing my attention to the moral argument I heard Pelosi say in a video ...
Pbpierson2 Jan 27 Jan 27 55 comments

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