Topic of the day

This group is primarily for "Topic-of-the-day" type posts. Please note that "Topic-of-the-day" posts are often on controversial topics may contain some positional bias in hope to ...
Topics: Activism, Debate / Argument, Economics / Social Sciences, Politics / Political Ideology
59,445 members, 23 posts, Last Activity: Feb 28, 2021

A AAA worthy Band of Contributors

A group recognise the contribution by an individual Agnostics. and it's ideals. Members points: after a certain point become meaningless because of the distance between levels....
Topics: Activism, Atheism / Agnosticism / Nonbelief, Creativity, Other
3 members, 2 posts, Last Activity: Nov 24, 2020


Group to discuss Q related topics. This is not a debate group. It is a group that has performed their own research.
Topics: Activism, Fan Groups, History, Military, Politics / Political Ideology
4 members, 2 posts, Last Activity: Jan 18, 2021

Pro Gun Rights

Defenders of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution and shooting sports enthusiasts. This group does NOT believe in so-called "sensible" gun control measures. There are plenty...
Topics: Activism, Hobbies /Interests, Politics / Political Ideology
94 members, 783 posts, Last Activity: Feb 28, 2021

Biden 2020

We are a group interested in Joe Biden's transition to the future presidency and what comes afterward. Expect to see a focus on Congress and the Supreme Court as well as any ...
Topics: Activism, Economics / Social Sciences, News, Politics / Political Ideology, Public Figure
123 members, 460 posts, Last Activity: Feb 21, 2021

Metal music

Post music videos of your favorite metal bands.
Topics: Music
104 members, 1,084 posts, Last Activity: Feb 28, 2021

Jewish by Culture in 1 day, 11 hours

Were you born or raised Jewish? Do you like Jewish food, culture, music, dance without religious attendance? Are you against White Supremacy or Anti-Semitism? THEN YOU ARE ...
Topics: Art, Books / Writing / Poetry, Education, Film / Movies / TV, Drink / Food / Diet
122 members, 1,164 posts, Last Activity: Feb 24, 2021

General Forum

For the best of everything. Or just whatever you found today. Rules: No hate speech. LGBTQ/Racsim/misandry/misogyny/discrimination of any kind. No porn/nudes. No ...
Topics: Art, Debate / Argument, Family, Relationships / Dating, Society / Culture
154 members, 321 posts, Last Activity: Feb 25, 2021

Liberal/Progressive Party

This is for proud liberal/progressive Agnostic/Atheist Democrats who love politics, humor and an informative, nice place to hang.
Topics: Atheism / Agnosticism / Nonbelief, Humor, News, Politics / Political Ideology, Science
209 members, 400 posts, Last Activity: Feb 24, 2021

Conservative Atheists

A group for atheists who are also conservative. This is not a debate group.
Topics: Activism, News, Politics / Political Ideology
214 members, 3,624 posts, Last Activity: Feb 28, 2021

Political debate

Political discussion for and or against the potus ... No snowflakes allowed...
Topics: Debate / Argument, Education, Philosophy, Politics / Political Ideology
282 members, 389 posts, Last Activity: Feb 25, 2021

Community Senate

The literal meaning of the word "senate" is Assembly of Elders. This group is reserved for level 7+ members to discuss the day-to-day activities of the community, improvement ...
Topics: Other
380 members, 1,520 posts, Last Activity: Feb 26, 2021


A place for non-heterosexual, transgender, intersex, queer, questioning and their allies to discuss religious and non-religious aspects of being non-cishetero.
Topics: Activism, Sexuality / Gender, Society / Culture
675 members, 845 posts, Last Activity: Feb 27, 2021

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