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Looking for love in all the wrong places. Needing a person w/o too much baggage who loves to cuddle.


Time to order a pizza!
Oldman51 comments on May 26, 2022:
The trouble with dating sites is you don't know witch to work on and those to just let it slide.
Could get messy...
Oldman51 comments on Feb 17, 2022:
Very bad decision.
Seven people, including two-year-old and five teens, shot in Philadelphia schoolyard - Irish Star
Oldman51 comments on Feb 24, 2023:
What is really pathetic is what is on the boob tube most of the programs are showing gun violence.
360-Million-Year-Old Fossils of Giant Predatory Fish Found in South Africa: []
Oldman51 comments on Feb 27, 2023:
Grant renewal time and they are asked what did you do to deserve this money.
“Selfishness is not living your life as you wish to live it.
Oldman51 comments on Mar 3, 2023:
Very true
Life or dead battery situation!
Oldman51 comments on Sep 5, 2022:
That would be some people.
Biden's govt secret document cabinets in the Corvette garage. Remember it is locked!
Oldman51 comments on Jan 13, 2023:
I think it shows just how important those document are to our national security.
I seen lots of people wanting Trump locked up for documents so where are all the people wanting ...
Oldman51 comments on Jan 15, 2023:
Tit for tat on the document
Brothers, pay attention!
Oldman51 comments on Mar 3, 2023:
Very nice buns.
Let's beat Covid together.
Oldman51 comments on Jul 27, 2021:
Love to beat those together. Dirty old man but I have more fun.
A man walks into a pharmacy.
Oldman51 comments on Feb 12, 2022:
That is good really good.
"We need a very progressive and strong agenda to bring people into the political process because I ...
Oldman51 comments on Sep 2, 2022:
Less greed and power hungry ass holes. More of those who want to better society.
Huuum🤔 that's handy
Oldman51 comments on Jun 21, 2020:
I bet they would be. That would take some getting used to.
Another FFRF posting. This time it includes another nutball religious group.
Oldman51 comments on Dec 1, 2021:
All that resinous love. Love they neighbor.
“As long as the general population is passive, apathetic, diverted to consumerism or hatred of the...
Oldman51 comments on Jul 4, 2021:
Too many organizations trying to distract us and too many involved in whatever to look at what is going on.
Yup never work
Oldman51 comments on Sep 6, 2020:
Trump is the only one that will seriously talk about controlling immigration in this country. Trump is the only president that has a good peacetime economy since 1941
Food for thought...
Oldman51 comments on Jul 24, 2021:
It works for me.
Life comes at you like...
Oldman51 comments on Feb 22, 2021:
That would be our dog.
When time is short...
Oldman51 comments on Feb 19, 2022:
More like dump your coffee all over yourself spot
The animals may be adapting quicker to global climate change than we expected ...
Oldman51 comments on Mar 9, 2022:
I think here in the United states if we get any more global warming we will all freeze to death.
Another legally purchased AR is responsible for the Synagogue shooting in California.
Oldman51 comments on May 1, 2019:
The gun is not the problem as it is only a tool. How about some free metal health for all and some advertising about bettering a person's life with better metal health. It would also help if the media would not glorify the shootings and show the dead body's.
Cat Fishing
Oldman51 comments on Mar 5, 2022:
Wrong fish.
Proud to be American
Oldman51 comments on Jun 30, 2020:
Can't argue that one.
Deleted version...
Oldman51 comments on Aug 8, 2021:
It is all about the money if he was broke there would not be one of them.
I see this from a somewhat different perspective...
Oldman51 comments on May 5, 2021:
That would probably do it.
Final!y a job
Oldman51 comments on Sep 10, 2022:
Sure nice of the British people to have supported him all these years wasn't it.
Sensible chap this! :-D
Oldman51 comments on Apr 25, 2021:
Probably because he really didn't want to be corrected
“We cannot expect people to have respect for law and order until we teach respect to those we have...
Oldman51 comments on Jun 20, 2022:
now that is old I thought I was old being older than dirt. But that is really old.
“At the root of every injustice, nepotism, selfishness, every rivalry and competitive jealousy, ...
Oldman51 comments on Feb 19, 2022:
Or just some Christian looking down their nose.
Anyone looking for all volumes of Britannica?
Oldman51 comments on Mar 15, 2021:
Got a divorce before I became so dumb I was totally dependent on her
“We cannot expect people to have respect for law and order until we teach respect to those we have...
Oldman51 comments on Jun 20, 2022:
No that is what the problem is lack of respect all around.
Cancer-causing chemical found in 78 sunscreen products The independent lab that made the finding is...
Oldman51 comments on May 28, 2021:
California has fund that living causes cancer.
“Man’s inhumanity to man, makes countless thousands weep”..............Robert Burns.
Oldman51 comments on Jun 30, 2020:
Like the saying that man descended the onrey cuss but he shure as hell didn't descend from us.
This is why god needed Sunday off, trying to keep all the BS straight was giving him a headache...
Oldman51 comments on Jan 16, 2022:
Interesting thought.
A busy road
Oldman51 comments on Jul 23, 2021:
Sounds like a government project doesn't it.
A penny pinching thief! 😂
Oldman51 comments on May 5, 2021:
Hay If you are cheap, you are cheap.
Fancy waking up to one of these in your garden on a winters morning! :-D
Oldman51 comments on Feb 15, 2021:
I would defiantly get her inside as I have been frozen before and it is no fun to be cold.
“Today more than ever, we need far-sighted leaders who can see beyond their national boundaries ...
Oldman51 comments on Mar 11, 2023:
Most of all beyond their wallet. As that is most of their problems.
Christopher Titus []
Oldman51 comments on Jan 15, 2021:
Shot himself in the foot too dammed many times.
Remember when SNL was good! []
Oldman51 comments on Feb 19, 2022:
Remember when T.V. was good before the canned laughters and they canned all the writers.
He followed the instructions and now he smells great.
Oldman51 comments on Nov 19, 2021:
I love it. Sounds good to me.
AKA: the Republican party....
Oldman51 comments on Oct 5, 2021:
No they are just trying to get their foot in the door as they would like burn some witches at the stake and look down on everyone as thy don't think their shit does not stink
Happy Saturday all
Oldman51 comments on Feb 12, 2022:
She does not look happy.
“I’d rather have an enemy who admits that they hate me than a friend who secretly puts me ...
Oldman51 comments on May 20, 2023:
Very true.
What's for Dinner? []
Oldman51 comments on Oct 17, 2018:
I loved the music from that show.Not much of a plot.
Religion is like a blind man looking in a black room for a black cat that isn’t there, and finding...
Oldman51 comments on Nov 26, 2018:
That is as good as a blind man that picks up his hammer and saw.
“You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.” Bob Dylan
Oldman51 comments on Jan 23, 2022:
If you are a environmentalist each day is just hotter because of global warming. duh do not need those weathermen.
"Say what you will about the ten commandments, you must always come back to the pleasant fact that ...
Oldman51 comments on May 17, 2021:
It doesn't make any difference if there were 20 of them they still do as they wish and pray for forgiveness to get themselves off the hook.
My new favourite word!
Oldman51 comments on Sep 24, 2021:
Must be nice being that rich and smart too.
Go Campbell's!
Oldman51 comments on Feb 28, 2023:
Remember Campbell's chicken noodle soup that a "chicken walked through with rubber boots"
There's only two certainties in life: death and scams.
Oldman51 comments on Feb 23, 2021:
Agree with that one.
One of a thousand reasons:
Oldman51 comments on Mar 31, 2021:
Sounds about right
Listen to smart women.
Oldman51 comments on Apr 3, 2022:
That is the tone of the politically correct movies today
World first: evidence of stingrays making sounds: []
Oldman51 comments on Jul 25, 2022:
sounds like some research grant up for refunding by our government.
guns 'n Lettuce
Oldman51 comments on Nov 26, 2018:
I think it was more of a warning than actually outlawing.
Selling out to the highest bidders....
Oldman51 comments on Oct 23, 2021:
Wonder what she is up too
I’m thinking that if Space Aliens were actively visiting Earth from across the galaxy, we would ...
Oldman51 comments on May 17, 2022:
most congressional committees could not find their own ass if they had five hands. Usually when they want to white wash something
Science vs religion Atheist historical nogodexists aincentphilosophy Agonostic
Oldman51 comments on Oct 24, 2019:
without evil there would be no need for god to protect you.
Sharp comparison . . . Ouch !
Oldman51 comments on Sep 4, 2020:
He is also endorsed by a couple million undocumented aliens and that is why I am voting for Donald.
Ants vomit into each other's mouths to form social bonds: []
Oldman51 comments on Dec 2, 2021:
Most of us eat butt nuggets from chickens.
Jesus and Mo are back again !
Oldman51 comments on Jan 23, 2019:
You mean back when they actually raised their children.
there are results from experimentation ..[]
Oldman51 comments on Sep 4, 2020:
The reason I am going to wait and see what happens. Side effects usually do not show up for at least a few hours.
COVID-19 was the 3rd leading cause of death in the US for all of 2020 []
Oldman51 comments on Mar 31, 2021:
Sound about right as they kept reporting about hospital bed capacity. They were worried that the fat cats would have to build more hospitals and they wouldn't get their bonuses.
Oldman51 comments on Oct 24, 2019:
Sounds like abuse to me
1903 & 1911 Nobel prize winner!
Oldman51 comments on Sep 12, 2023:
Disagree it is to avoid but is used in some cases.
"We don't Believe, We Only Fear.
Oldman51 comments on Sep 12, 2023:
Good Christian logic.
🖕🏼 Joel olsteen
Oldman51 comments on Sep 2, 2021:
I think it is because they can buy our so called representatives off. I wonder what the price of a congressman or a senator is. They could probably tell you.
This irrational fear
Oldman51 comments on Sep 3, 2021:
Like what does one have to do with the other.
Scientists claim...
Oldman51 comments on Aug 24, 2021:
too much junk science.
The gun issue seems to be fueled by one group – men.
Oldman51 comments on Jul 11, 2022:
I don't think so as I think there are as many female nuts as there male nuts.
Jesus and Mo are back again !
Oldman51 comments on Jan 23, 2019:
Now if these corporations can get rid of those dammed labor laws they can reduce everyones again.
Have you ever looked up at the sky after a nearby lightning strike and yelled, "Missed me!" ?
Oldman51 comments on Sep 4, 2020:
no I have more respect for electricity that that.
Because accidents are a part of life...
Oldman51 comments on Aug 24, 2021:
Women taking something seriously that was pocked at them in fun.
Re: New strains of COVID, it may be a long summer.
Oldman51 comments on Jan 8, 2021:
Do a pretty good job of covering their asses don't they.
I am so over dating services, can you believe this got rejected.
Oldman51 comments on Sep 29, 2019:
Really need to think about what you really want in your life. If you want a drunk go to a bar. Too many of both sexes don't really think about where they are looking and how they project themselves to attract the type of person they really want in their lives.
Mosquitoes are Attracted to Specific Colors, New Study Shows (As someone who is prone to mosquito...
Oldman51 comments on Feb 9, 2022:
Another study funded by you know who.
Today's hike: Snowing hard at the summit with howling winds
Oldman51 comments on Oct 24, 2019:
That is why I am in AZ.
Things big enough to see from space.
Oldman51 comments on Mar 1, 2022:
What else is he going to do.
Titanic 2020.
Oldman51 comments on Mar 4, 2021:
I think it more a rebellion against being told what to do and how to do it and how to feel and how to act by our free press.
This could be the new zone.
Oldman51 comments on Apr 20, 2021:
What to hell it worked so well for hematites C. I would really like to know how the drug companies know who has that disease if they weren't somehow involved in it with them advertising people borne between x years and x years need to be tested for hepatitis C .
Or just never get married.
Oldman51 comments on Apr 9, 2021:
I guess it as good as any loopholes.
24,000 Years of Temperature Data Show Just How Unprecedented Current Global Heating Is: ...
Oldman51 comments on Nov 12, 2021:
Not asking the right junk scientist.
"The truth has no defense against a fool determined to believe a lie" - Mark Twain Seems a ...
Oldman51 comments on Aug 12, 2022:
What because our so called representative sell their asses out yo the hugest bidder.
How The White House Got J&J, Merck To Work Together On COVID-19 Vaccine : NPR
Oldman51 comments on Mar 4, 2021:
Probably for him and his buddies who want to pay starvation wages and no benefit.
Never argue with an idiot.
Oldman51 comments on May 14, 2023:
probably very true
To quote Betrand Russel, “ The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always ...
Oldman51 comments on Jun 9, 2021:
That is very true and are willing to tell everyone else about it.
322 gun violence incidents in the past 72 hours (and the holiday weekend isn't even over yet.
Oldman51 comments on May 14, 2023:
The problem is not the guns it is this society. If it was not the guns it would be knifes and if not not knives it would be clubs there is no respect and far too much hate. also too much disconnect from reality.
Found a good one;
Oldman51 comments on Mar 22, 2023:
That is the mentality tho isin't it.
Sharing a charming story of Butterfly African-American actress []
Oldman51 comments on Jan 10, 2023:
That is archiving real freedom.
The truth is out
Oldman51 comments on Mar 8, 2022:
Probably got his other hand on her boob. Sadistic bastard.
A difficult job. You tell them Theresa.
Oldman51 comments on Oct 20, 2022:
Yes that is going to be a good trick.
"" Thousands missiles launched together won't defeat a nation if their citizens are united." (SSC)
Oldman51 comments on May 16, 2022:
That is very true especially if they are religious
Shortest day of the year and it is cold as fuck outside.
Oldman51 comments on Dec 25, 2022:
Must be all that global warming hit you in the ass again.
Uma Thurman is a great actress.
Oldman51 comments on Apr 29, 2023:
Yes I agree
I posted this over a year ago...can’t say I didn’t warn you!
Oldman51 comments on Sep 29, 2019:
Our so called representatives as they rob the American public and vote themselves yet another pay raise.
Thought this was fun.
Oldman51 comments on Oct 29, 2018:
Don't get either need a change
Alabama Birthday Party Shooting Leaves 4 Dead and 28 Injured
Oldman51 comments on Apr 18, 2023:
Don't need any of that metal health shit just take away everything that they may hurt themselves or others with. There are more people killed by cars than there is by guns so do we want to outlaw cars. When I was in high school a lot of the cars in the parking lot had at least one gun in it. Guns are not the problem. People are the problem
[] The pope is dead. Long live the pope
Oldman51 comments on Jan 1, 2023:
Got that a little backwards don't you. Is iy not he who has been dipping his wick.
I always wondered - no - WAIT!
Oldman51 comments on Mar 4, 2022:
If it works for you.
He sure does lol
Oldman51 comments on Jun 30, 2021:
Probably because the press loves that picture.