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I no longer deny global warming. I no longer believe women should submit to men. I no longer deny a woman's right over her own body. I no longer believe that being gay is a sin. I no longer believe that "Jesus" was anything more than just...
By EX-Faith 4 26 comments FL Apr 17, 2018
Inquiring minds...
By evestrat 8 27 comments KS Apr 18, 2018
I was face painting at a church last night (didn't burn up in there, lol) and this girl asked for a design element that we had to decipher. She kept explaining different parts of it and even tried to draw it out... turned out to be a cross. She was...
By pepperjones 8 17 comments WA Sep 9, 2018
what would jesus do?
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By coralisthree 8 16 comments MN Nov 4, 2018
So I had my account on another website 'permanately suspended' because I had the audacity to post something about Jesus not doing shit. I was notified that the post was "judgemental" and that is why my account was suspended. Even though I got ...
By BearsNPenn 6 43 comments PA Apr 10, 2018
Awesome moment at work. I get called into a meeting where they want my approval to bump some work out to a later date. I asked a few questions did some quick research and then approved the request. ‘Sue’ says: Thank you Jesus Me reply’s: ...
By GwenBFree 5 12 comments FL Mar 21
What in the actual fuck is up with some of the newer members being so hostile based on fuckall?? I just had some 30-something challenge me to debate any topic, but knowing I wouldn't, because I "fear" her. Is this what we have to expect from ...
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By KKGator 9 25 comments GA Oct 14, 2018
So..Stephen Hawking died. It's pretty sad across the board. Smarter than I'll ever be. Of course, like an idiot I read the comments. Half of the comments are people admiring his work, regretting his loss, generally being somber but also ...
By Ersomething 6 25 comments UT Mar 14, 2018
The Easter Bunny and Jesus Whine Over a Beer
By VictoriaNotes 8 12 comments MS Mar 31, 2018
Jesus take the wheel...
By GeorgeRocheleau 8 13 comments AZ Mar 20
Oh, so that's how Jesus did it.
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By Kynlei 7 8 comments IN Mar 5
Let’s Talk About Jesus
By Gatovicolo 7 10 comments TX July 6, 2018
People claim to see the likeness of Jesus in everything from toast to the foam in their coffee cup but look what I spotted at the rotisserie chicken section of the deli counter. :D
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By Surfpirate 8 13 comments Canada Oct 25, 2018
Have you ever been asked, "What Church do you go too?' by your boss?
By paul1967 8 55 comments CA Mar 22, 2018
How many of us are spreading the word, and showing our friends and strangers, about I have been making it a point even when I go for groceries ,and even post different pictures on FB, I have wore my T-shirt. Sometimes I get some saying ...
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By kenriley 8 21 comments KY Aug 4, 2018
A question for you mathematicians.
By IndySent 7 44 comments Norway Mar 31, 2018
Naughty Jesus
By Argonauta69 6 14 comments CT Aug 15, 2018
Smashed my finger in a door today. Shouted "Jesus Christ!" (Because it fucking hurt!) And my coworker shouts back "I thought you were an atheist?" (All of this is being shouted between our classroom doors so thank goodness no kids were there) so I ...
By Kaycee 4 26 comments TX Mar 23, 2018
Well I blocked my first "Jesus freak" on here, I tolerate that stuff on social media because there are people of all disciplines, religions or whatever but not here, this should be a "safe space"
By Funeralgirl 7 32 comments Canada Dec 26, 2017
Jesus goes to an inn and hands the innkeeper 3 nails and says can you put me up for the night
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By bobwjr 7 5 comments DE Feb 23
Jesus and the cross
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By joeymf86 7 5 comments GA Mar 22
A woman at work who just returned from maternity leave, did not know about my recent promotion. And I didn't know she didn't know. So when I told her she was all "Girl thanks be to god!" and then I responded "Girl, NO it was all me! smiling" ...
By LilAtheistLady 7 13 comments NM July 20, 2018
POLL Double entendre: Erotica Intentional or Not?
By VictoriaNotes 8 33 comments MS Jan 31, 2018
@Admin If I were a believer, wondering if I might be missing something, and decided to take a look at agnosticism, I'd immediately retreat to my previous beliefs if met with the kind of "hospitality" this member was treated with. Sure, he's likely ...
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By skado 8 27 comments AL Jan 17
When my daughter was nine (so, tens years ago) we moved back to Alabama. The long-time friend I was engaged to decided she wanted to expose the kids to Church. Southern.Baptist.Church. Now, keep in mind that I had been raised with a Catholic ...
By DerekD 7 20 comments AL Mar 15, 2018
Do you believe in a HIGHer power?
By silvereyes 8 27 comments OK Mar 17, 2018
In Jesus name, Jamal 😂
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By BohoHeathen 7 4 comments OH Feb 19
What do you think?
By AmelieMatisse 8 21 comments PA June 5, 2018
Questions: Do you take offense at turns of phrase, such as.... "Bless your heart" (in the sense that a person feels bad about something you're dealing with, not the sense that they are calling you dumb) "Good lord! (In a fit of ...
By nutrition_nerd 7 57 comments AR May 1, 2018
So, my religious neighbour asked me out to lunch last week and I went, with the stipulation that we don't talk about religion and we did it! The next day, she called me because she was upset and needed someone to talk to who was not ...
By Teresa 5 46 comments Canada June 5, 2018
An Irish daughter had not been home for over 10 years. Upon her return, her father cursed her. Where have ye been all this time? Why did ye not write to us, not even a line? Why didn't ye call? Can ye not understand what ye put yer old mum ...
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By RichieO 7 5 comments Ireland Dec 5, 2018
Since we are posting funny songs tonight, here’s one that combines my two favorite things— sex and Jesus! Youtube
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By filthyMONKEYmen 6 13 comments VA Aug 4, 2018
Damn it Jesus! I told you not to jerk the wheel!
By Ceaselessmind 7 5 comments NC Mar 24
@Admin, after realising that i just sent a welcome message randomly to a "believer in jesus - leader of the christi..." i'll have to resign as a greeter, lest i appear the true bigot. how i loathe the delusion that is religion!
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By walklightly 8 8 comments Australia Sep 6, 2018
Maybe he’s not so bad after all. I mean Jesus!
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By Science-guy 8 7 comments Canada Feb 19
jesus in a sandwich shop Youtube
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By coralisthree 8 10 comments MN Oct 26, 2018
Funny story. When I was five years old, my mother took me to Sunday School because my grandmother was visiting (who was Baptist) and we had to make a good impression. I had never been to Sunday School and when the teacher said "Now boys and girls, we...
By DarwinistOne 7 11 comments TX May 21, 2018
I think what surprises me most is the look of confusion on people's face when you say that you don't believe in God, gods, and the sacraments. It's totally outside of their experience and they are gobsmacked. Invariably they come back with some ...
By Dick_Martin 7 22 comments AR Feb 9, 2018
Baby kittu Jesus?
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By snytiger6 8 9 comments WA Dec 24, 2018
I was chatting with a buddy of mine in Florida and he felt that Fundies weren't concerned about climate change because they believed that Jesus would be coming back very soon and fix everything as foretold in their book of lies. This would lead to ...
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By Surfpirate 8 16 comments Canada Jan 29
'Nuff Said
By VictoriaNotes 8 12 comments MS May 28, 2018
Someone asked me, "How can I get people to recognize that Christianity is false?" My reply: You can't. Even if A God existed and came down himself in an elaborate space station and announced that it was all a hoax/joke/test/lie, people will ...
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By GuyKeith 8 13 comments CO Dec 30, 2018
Just got bombarded by three born again Christians. They were just so certain that they needed to pray with me because my heart was broken, Ilive in pain, and (what else did they say..) oh Jesus is the one truth in life so I was lost. I told her ...
By ashortbeauty 8 27 comments FL Mar 22, 2018
Jesus Christ! 😆
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By Aurum16 5 4 comments India Mar 22
Just wanted to share a funny picture. Enjoy.
By SonderOpia 8 11 comments TX Jan 15, 2018
The biggest miracle Jesus ever pulled off was having 12 close friends in his 30's.
By Duke 8 14 comments CO July 21, 2018
Why I don't feel guilty about celebrating Christmas 1. Its not Christian. We all know this and we know why. Think of the cave dwellers millenia ago. After the darkest days of winter, the days again start getting longer and as a Northern European ...
By Amisja 8 25 comments UK Dec 2, 2018
yea Jesus, we're waiting
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By coralisthree 8 5 comments MN Jan 29
Jesus take the wheel...
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By ashortbeauty 8 4 comments FL Feb 14
if only Jesus worked to make the world a better place
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By bookofmoron 7 8 comments Canada Mar 10
A couple of weeks ago, ago I went to buy a christmas gits and stocking stuffers for my family at a local store. The woman behind the cash had on a bright sweater and a elf hat. On the sweater was "Keep CHRIST in Christmas" and "Jesus is the ...
By Teresa 5 15 comments Canada Dec 21, 2017
Alright heathens, creative writing prompt: give us your best tshirt and/or bumper sticker slogan ideas for this site. Here’s what Ive got so far. “I blasphemed the lord for 8 months and all I got was this lousy tshirt” for ...
By Wurlitzer 7 31 comments TN July 29, 2018
From my FB friend, who henceforth shall be known as "Stoner Jesus":
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By stinkeye_a 8 6 comments MT Dec 22, 2018
I live in New York, and there are street evangelists everywhere. Rather than argue with them, I've started using one-liners instead. Street Evangelist: Jesus loves you. Me: Yah, but he's not IN love with me. Street Evangelist: Have you ...
By Benthoven 8 11 comments NY Nov 16, 2017
The question we should be asking Christians.
By silvereyes 8 24 comments OK Apr 1, 2018
Hey There Fellow Aggies! I’m proud to say that after 33 years as an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints (aka Mormons) (aka freaky cult) (aka my one of America’s most lucrative businesses, cleverly disguised as a ...
By That_Blonde_Guy 4 24 comments FL May 14, 2018
I can't stop laughing, perfect for this site and group; Republican Jesus Youtube
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By Mofo1953 7 10 comments FL Nov 18, 2018
What would Jesus do?
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By Flexymorals 7 6 comments MI Sep 19, 2018
General vent about being atheist in a very Christian community. I feel like I constantly have to defend my atheism. I live in an area where most people go to church on Sunday, but that's the only day they practice their religion, yet they call ...
By CraftyRivers 3 34 comments WI Jan 25, 2018
Youtube My sister once asked me why I don’t belive in Jesus, so I played her this song. One year later and she admits to me that she no longer believes in Jesus or God. Of coures it wasn’t just this song that changed her belives, but it ...
By RandyMoose 7 7 comments TX Apr 4, 2018
Magnetic Jesus Dress up
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By Closeted 8 6 comments IL Mar 3
What It's Like Living in the South (U.S) Easter Week
By VictoriaNotes 8 34 comments MS Mar 30, 2018
Sure, I suppose it's odd that atheists say jesus, and oh my god... But no stranger than the religious saying "let's be reasonable"
By RobLes 6 19 comments CA May 9, 2018
Do you think my position is too extreme? (Warning: graphic descriptions inside)
By MarqG 5 29 comments WA Feb 21, 2018
Another one of my cartoons. This one addresses God's role in the book of Job. I'm always floored how quickly the indoctrination kicks in when a Christian sees this. And mostly because I used to defend this shit, too. So it's mostly just ...
By pitnerd 4 11 comments TX Jan 5, 2018
So good people of the universe, how do you all handle the assumption from Christians that you believe in Jesus? I meet alot of people in my profession that assume I believe in Jesus and I find it a struggle to politely tell them that I don't ...
By Capricorn 6 73 comments OH Oct 22, 2018
Jesus fucking Christ!
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By Boogey 8 4 comments CA Oct 20, 2018
JOKES THAT MADE ME LAUGH: A boy is selling fish on a corner. To get his customers' attention, he is yelling, "Dam fish for sale! Get your dam fish here!" A pastor hears this and asks, "Why are you calling them 'dam fish.'" The boy responds, "Because...
By paul1967 8 4 comments CA Apr 2, 2018
Clearly Jesus was here!
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By Wendiw 7 7 comments AZ Jan 30
There is a connection between Bernie Sanders and Jesus. From my Facebook today.
By sassygirl3869 9 22 comments NY Dec 26, 2017
LINK Here Are the 10 Scariest States to Be An Atheist | Alternet
By zblaze 7 19 comments OR May 30, 2018
Have you ever stopped reading a book, listening to a song, or watching a show because it added religion into the mix?
By silvereyes 8 56 comments OK Feb 10, 2018
I'm sick of these smug, self-righteous missionaries bothering and endangering people who do not want contact from anyone. These pricks ignore explicit laws that forbid them from contacting these people. Why? Because Christians think they are above ...
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By GuyKeith 8 6 comments CO Jan 28
LINK Christians wage war against Sweet Jesus
By Crimson67 8 22 comments KY Apr 23, 2018
Why didn't God make Jesus the way he made Adam? Why didn't he choose a woman from a rich family to carry his son to ensure the son's survival into adulthood? Why didn't he wait until Facebook and Twitter were invented to help spread his name more ...
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By escapetypist 8 13 comments TX Dec 13, 2018
What Am I?
By skado 8 25 comments AL Jan 23, 2018
Can I talk about my feelings for a bit?
By imahermit 5 81 comments LA Oct 11, 2018
Sharing a story. so today I went to a mechanic, was waiting in the waiting area, in comes a lady in her late 60,s I am used to the random god crap, so at first I did my best o ignore her. then she starts preaching to the room about how she has ...
By MichaelSpinler 8 15 comments NC Jan 8, 2018
Jesus loves you? What does it mean to you?
By EmeraldJewel 7 81 comments OK May 5, 2018
Jesus? Teenage girls? What's the difference, really?
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By ejbman 7 4 comments CO Nov 20, 2018
Jesus and Mo again. Enjoy !
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By VAL3941 8 4 comments South Africa Jan 9
Knowing what to do with the blank feeling is a good thing. We "elders" have hard gifts. One woman I was with, after she walked through the living room and back with an interval of fifteen minutes said, "Jesus is coming, look busy," because I was ...
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By schway 7 6 comments CA Aug 19, 2018
At store two days ago : The lady in front of me on line is chatting w cashier girl : " ain't no worries here baby girl . Jesus will take the wheel , is gonna be ok now ...". Asshole me , of course , feeling rested ( haven't worked for 5 nights ...
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By Pralina1 8 8 comments VA Sep 13, 2018
Happy valentine's ♥️ This sky writing eventually said Love u jesus Thank you jesus Im glad I got a Pic when I did.
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By Doraz 7 11 comments MI Feb 14
COMMUNICATING A THREAT: How many of us grew up under the teachings of heaven and hell? The good people go to heaven and the bad people go to hell...right? Yeah buddy.... and it got even more complicated in the group of judgemental hooyahs I grew ...
By PhillipSEE 5 17 comments HI Apr 17, 2018
So Jesus is out walking one day, and comes across a crowd of women who are about to stone an adulteress to death. He quickly gets in front of them and says "She that is without sin among you, let her first cast a stone at her!" Silence. Then, from ...
By Druvius 7 8 comments IA Jan 28, 2018
In doctors office and ran into a 26yr old mentally challenged man with his mother. She has him listening to Christian music, saying Jesus loves you, and telling me he'll see me in heaven because he's going there. I smiled politely because of his ...
By ashortbeauty 8 18 comments FL Apr 4, 2018
Jesus on a dating site
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By Boogey 8 5 comments CA Sep 3, 2018
No more mangers for Jesus.
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By Snickers77 8 4 comments CA Sep 17, 2018
EATING CHURCH PIE - Earlier this week a woman brought an apple pie into the office to share with her co-workers. She had purchased the pie the day before at her church bake sale. I was standing right next to her and when she offered us the pie...
By Sgt_Spanky 7 12 comments FL Aug 15, 2018
This is beyond outrageous. How is this not unconstitutional? Leave it to good ole Texas. In my opinion, Israel is a terrorist state. A speech patholigist loses her job for not signing a Loyalty Oath to Israel! This is not acceptable! In the ...
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By GuyKeith 8 11 comments CO Dec 18, 2018
😳. Does Jesus know about this?
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By ChadSwaim 6 16 comments NC Jan 23
Jehovah's Witness Repellent: There were two (They always come in pairs) who came to my door every Saturday morning. Saturday was my only day off and only day to sleep in. I tried several different methods of discouraging them, but they kept coming ...
By Enchanter 6 19 comments OR May 16, 2018
To this day it still amazes me how many people still believe in the literal interpretation of angels and heaven. They are indoctrinated at such an early age and at that age decision making is limited. Speaking out against the idea of God or Jesus , ...
By petewillia 4 10 comments OH Mar 10
What would jesus do?
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By Chrisbiologist 6 6 comments WA Jan 30
Still, Jesus comes first.
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By Snickers77 8 7 comments CA Nov 5, 2018
Jesus take the wheel! 😱😱
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By Galihad_Z 7 8 comments NH Oct 1, 2018
My 17 year old came home from public school the other day. He told me his teacher got upset with him when he said “Jesus Christ.” So I went to the school and had a meeting with the vice principal. I told him of the incident and he replied, “as ...
By Wolverine47 3 28 comments PA Dec 24, 2017
Bumper sticker for recent deconverted Christians: JESUS WAS MY CO PILOT... ...NOW HE’S MY BAGGAGE
By Bertroid 3 11 comments CA Oct 26, 2017
Maybe jesus is good for something.
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By Anonbene 8 9 comments Aug 6, 2018
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