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**** Do most atheists care what others think or believe about religion ? Just wondering. I am honestly atheist but I don't care at all what others believe. I just figure, they will know the truth in the end so why bother now ? I am comfortable with my own beliefs, my own awareness, own life so live and let live. Unless it infringes on me or threatens me - like the religions terrorists - some people/s religion is vegan - ism, fashion, extreme sports - I say, so what and do not waste my time trying tell them how foolish ( in my own opinion ) that they are. A sign saying IN GOD WE TRUST does not make me feel threatened. A Christmas tree is just delightful me with pretty lights, again, does not make me feel threatened. And so on .

FlaGoldenGirl 5 July 21
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Actually they won’t know the truth in the end because, well, they’ll be dead. They will die within their illusions. I’m not perturbed by you laid back position, however do feel we are under a very dangerous threat at this time in history. This administration is carrying out nothing less then moving this country into a Christian nation, where people like you and I will be denied services, at the least and exterminated at the worst.

I don't think most Atheists really care as much as believers. I don't as long as they don't try to push their beliefs on me. Theirs always the very slight chance I'm wrong LOL


I don't care what people believe as long as it does not effect me or my own. However I think the god botherers are a bit crazy.

Wolfbat Level 6 July 24, 2019

The majority of my friends are religious so I don’t bring up my atheist beliefs around them as I prefer not to have confrontation’s with them over their religion. I only discuss my atheist beliefs around friends who express doubts about religion or are atheist like myself.

Trajan61 Level 8 July 21, 2019

BTW, when a religious person infringes upon my space I move away...if the person persists I answer him / her in a way that will erase from that person any desire to convert me. 🙂

DUCHESSA Level 8 July 21, 2019

No, I don't....and neither do the other Atheists I know.

DUCHESSA Level 8 July 21, 2019

Maybe you have never been raped and your rapist forgiven by prison chaplains on government salaries increasing your tax burden IN gawd YOU TRUST ???????$$$$$$ Enjoying white privilege is not Atheism nor "beliefs." American Atheists is a civil rights organization founded by people betrayed by Americans United for SEPARATION of STATE from church 55 years ago.....real Atheists really caring how McCarthyism is inseparable from USA policies of 1909 all the way back to 1787 Northwest Ordinance attacking Native American sovereignty with weaponized tax funded bibles.....a nonprofit non political EDUCATIONAL organization to shine light upon rapist priests and the 2 living gangster popes protecting the Assets of Banco Ambrosiano......American Atheists Press publishing real Atheist books bumperstickers and do not need to go start an arguement with a believer to demand respect for your right to be a thinker not a believer.....but if you do have children or do want to pay less taxes to blood sucking harmful fraudulent religious businesses get educated and WORK WITH American Atheists instead of posting here complete ignorance of what and who we American Atheists are up to

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