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Drew69 Mar 11 Mar 11 44
A suggestion, If someone on here starts making purely destructive comments (as opposed to reasonable dialog), simply block them, then they will not be able to see any future posts in this group--or our moderator might just block them from this group ...
DavidDuhon Mar 3 Mar 3 11
I know we are all aware that the internet is being used to manipulate us politically. A couple of current examples. The NYT piece on how the democratic party can unify by making Bloomberg Secretary of State and requiring Bernie to give up his right...
DavidDuhon Mar 2 Mar 2 22
After Tuesday--which is looking good--the big worry is that there will not be a first round win and that the super-delegates may be able to steal it from Bernie in a second round. I am hopeful that Warren, with no chance of victory, would cede her ...
DavidDuhon Feb 28 Feb 28 55
Drew69 Feb 28 Feb 28 11
I wonder if Bernie would like to sit down and have a doobie with Fidel. Castro or sit down with Putin and talk about how great communism is I bet the two of them would get along real well seeing is Bernie has enough anger issues to promote his own ...
Drew69 Feb 27 Feb 27 33
Damn you Sweden !!
Captain_Feelgood Feb 21 Feb 21 33
What if I told you capitalism is a parasite?
wdmickjr Feb 11 Feb 11 11
Biden is looking like a failing horse out on the campaign trail. If his numbers fall significantly will this hurt or help Bernie. The DNC would likely throw its support and manipulations from Biden to Warren, but Bernie would likely get more votes ...
DavidDuhon Dec 5 Dec 5 33
Bernie Sanders is a Democratic Socialist a severe hypocrisy and he's a hypocrite
Drew69 Dec 2 Dec 2 22
Really anybody that would give Bernie Sanders money plenty of himself is a rich millionaire who doesn't pay his people as much as he says he wants the rest of the world to be paid Bernie Sanders is a hypocrite why would anyone want to vote for that ...
Drew69 Dec 2 Dec 2 44
JesseBoren July 7 Jul 7 00
Anyone else hosting a Organizing Kickoff party next Saturday?
JesseBoren Apr 21 Apr 21 00
I've given 55 dollars so far, and now this, for Bernie:). Because I believe in him.
Rudy1962 Mar 23 Mar 23 11
My virgin post here is a monster: A full blown PRO BERNIE symposium I wrote during 2016 primaries but even more relevant now! The Bilderberg Group are perhaps the most powerful Kingmakers in the West. My fellow Reader Supported News contributor Noam ...
MoonTiger Jan 30 Jan 30 11
Hello fellow Bernie supporters! Interested in a fundamental critique of capitalism? Join Progressives and Socialists. "Progressives and Socialists Group"
Krish55 Oct 11 Oct 11 22
"Free junior skeptic download for kids an easy guide to baloney detection" In an era of “fake news,” “post truth,” and just plain old-as-time baloney, kids need critical thinking more than ever! They’re bombarded by good, bad, and bogus claims every day of their lives. Young people need tools to sift ...
Dougy Sep 21 Sep 21 00
I too am sick and tired!
Snickers77 Sep 2 Sep 2 00
I a an 86-year-old heterosexual African-American great-grandmother, activist, with 6 children, 7 grandchildren, and one great-granddaughter. I have a Ph.D., and am also a classically-trained pianist.
CarmenBebeBuford Aug 27 Aug 27 22
Socialism is a stail invironment no improvements ever come out of socialsm that's why Russia is back a democratic/zar government even though democratic by nature still led by fear and intimidation like the communist party only they say they're ...
Drew69 Aug 18 Aug 18 11
I thought Bernie Sanders was a Socialist? Socialism in the modern sense doesn't work. If everyone's making the same amount of there's no incentive improve and the lazy feed off the hard workers no incentives!
Drew69 Aug 18 Aug 18 22
This is what real leadership looks like.
Snickers77 Aug 17 Aug 17 00
Snickers77 Aug 9 Aug 9 11
The Revolution is in-progress.
Snickers77 Aug 8 Aug 8 22
3-minutes of Bernie from 1993. Nothing's changed.
Snickers77 Aug 6 Aug 6 11

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