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Any science fiction fans here? My all-time favorite book, of ANY catagory, is DUNE, by Frank Herbert, but lately I've been reading the Galaxy's Edge series, by Jason Anspach and Nick Cole. If you like military sci-fi, it's a very entertaining series.

ninjarider1 7 Jan 9
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I have issues with book series. It is fine if a story is complete at teh end of each book, but if they leave you with clif hangers and unresolved issues, then I feel obligated to read the next book een if the series isn't that great in itself. I prefer series where each book is more like whole new adventures with known characters, where it doesn't matter if you read them in the Chronological order or not.

snytiger6 Level 9 Jan 9, 2019

Dune started out well , but then introduced a tremendous number of seemingly disconnected pointless characters , and I lost interest , then it began tying them together , and at the very end , it began to make sense again , in a very unexpected way . Then I saw the movie .

Cast1es Level 8 Jan 9, 2019

It does have a tremendous number of characters, but that's just because of the scale of the story. If you read ALL the stories in the series, which are the books written by Herbert himself, and then the ones written by his son with Kevin J. Anderson, it's a total of 19 books!

BTW, which movie did you see? The Dino De LAurentis motion picture, or the SyFy miniseries?