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Just finished a biography on Frederick Douglass and this seemed like a good followup.

AmelieMatisse 8 June 16
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Bet it is a good read, Amelie. Folks don't know that while greater total numbers of lynchings were in the South, by far the largest massacres of black people took place in the North. 1863 New York City anti Emancipation/Union army draft riots by Irish killed 2-300, and perhaps ten times that number if a Union sea captain didn't bring cannons ashore and fire a volley of grapeshot into rioting mob. Oklahoma City whites bombed huge neighborhood of prosperous educated blacks people, driving thousands from their homes and businesses. 30 or more killed in Duluth, Minnesota.

Here in Dayton, Ohio 1923 a huge KKK rally took place that had a WOMEN'S AUXILLIARY of hundreds! I had to wonder if my Irish grandmother was there! Klan was EVERYWHERE, coast to coast, Mexican border to Canada. Until Fair Housing Act of 1975 almost very town had its real estate Color Line... A main street dividing whites from everyone else. This atheist is forced to quote the shortest verse in the bible: "Jesus wept."


Looks good.

SKH78 Level 8 June 16, 2019