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I just read "Why We Sleep" - learned a lot I did not know about sleep, why we need it and that bad things that happen when we are sleep deprived.

SKH78 8 Jan 28
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Sleep always rewards refreshes and invigorates me....the reason I feel like staying in bed is a fear a nightmare will happen outside that did not happen inside my sleep

TrumpOLINI BILLARY GOLDMAN SACHS et al is the nightmare of 2007 that will not end today


Sleep training is available to truck drivers and disabled veterans....the best cure for nightmares is resuming the Atheism FEMINISM of our birthrights....religious polluter oil war crime profiteering is driving us all into socioeconomic health bankruptcy


I sometimes wonder if we would live in a better world if only people got enough sleep.


I have never under estimated the importance of sleep...after my knee surgery, I slept a lot body needed to heal...I recovered quickly...thank goodness I sleep easily...I also take naps when I can...I used to think sleeping deprived me of doing more things in a day, but in reality, I get more done because I am well rested...I also feel at least 20 years younger...

thinktwice Level 8 Jan 29, 2019

I’ve never been a good sleeper butt since mid November of 2018 I’ve been in a constant struggle with insomnia. It’s come in waves of both different intensities and durations. I don’t really want to know how many years my life has been shortened ???

Kodiamus Level 7 Jan 29, 2019

Wish I could have convinced my kidney doctor of that .....

Cast1es Level 9 Jan 28, 2019
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