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Hello fellow redheads. Lol. I’m not a red head but I am a read head. Who all considers listening to books reading? I listen everyday in my car; it’s a great way to stay caught up. I am currently reading Silent Child by Sarah Denzil. I’m not far enough to decide if it’s great or not. I recently finished A Face Like Glass which was very thought provoking. It would be a great book club choice.

Kadygee 6 May 22
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I love audible books. I can pursue my painting and listen at the same time. I do read books but the audible ones are fast becoming favorites. Currently listening to Game of Thrones. Over 16 hours. Love it.

Ladytopzz Level 3 May 30, 2018

I suppose audio books are a modern media for the ancient art of storytelling, as demonstrated by ancient cultures, when reading materials were limited and literate people were uncommon. It's still novel for this era when most people have been trained to comprehend literature and essay through the written word. If you're able to use the medium effectively, by all means, you're ahead of the game.


Welcome! No requirement for high levels of pheomelanin and relatively low levels of eumelanin here just a propensity to read 🙂

Must admit that I've never really tried audio books, but I see no reason why they can't be enjoyed as much as the printed page, and having a suitably appropriate voice reading and adding suitable intonation to the text can, I imagine, give it a meaning that might otherwise have been less apparent.

Quick quiz: What was the first book to be sold in an audio format?

moNOtheist Level 7 May 22, 2018

It was 'A Child's Christmas in Wales', recorded by a possibly drunken Dylan Thomas in early 1952, during his US poetry-reading tour, as part of a deal to make an l.p. (remember those?) of five of his poems. It went on to become a best seller, and kick-started the success of Caedmon Records, a major player in the audio book business. To quote Wikipedia, it 'was a 2008 selection for the United States National Recording Registry, stating that it is "credited with launching the audiobook industry in the United States".'

It stands, in my opinion, together with 'Under Milk Wood as possibly his finest work.


Hi. I enjoyed the word play! I try to use them to save my eyesight. I was listening to Stephen Fry's Mythos on YouTube the other day. Gosh, what a nice voice! It enhances a really good book. But every time he said something I didn't quite understand or didn't hear right, I had to jump up, stop the audio and search back to look for the exact place.

brentan Level 8 May 22, 2018
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