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Is anyone else on Goodreads? I keep all my read and to-read titles there and would love to compare notes. Will send a link to my profile to anyone who's interested in connecting.

joalanna 4 June 2
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I'm on Goodreads too. For a long time, I've only gone on the site accidentally, thinking it a book store. But for some reason,it knows the last book I was reading. Perhaps I was a bit intoxicated because I really enjoy having a drink and reading. The site says not all books are being displayed in the read section but they are working to fix it. In my case, it only shows the last book I was reading. We all seem to have very different tastes but sure, not send me your profile. Mine is Swords Shakespeare.

brentan Level 8 June 3, 2018

Just sent you a request, Brentan. 🙂

@joalanna Thanks for the request. You're my first Goodreads friend!


I am on goodreads but I don't use it often. I need a big profile overhaul on there I am sure.