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what do you think of BC fining churchgoers $18000. for attending services?

i could not care less about the religious aspect of church attendance but think that once again the ppl in power are looking ridiculous. the church ppl have a point that if ppl can shop, eat in restaurants, pubs, etc why can't they attend church (where God will protect them). OK, so they're deluded but no more so than the idiots that are making a major case out of a small % of the population doing what they feel necessary.

i know i'm in the minority but personally i feel that this whole covid19 is wildly exaggerated & is happening bc of nefarious purposes. i could list some reasons, e.g., ppl invested in some big pharma corps have made fortunes. anyway, the fact remains that the vast majority of ppl who contracted C19 were asymptomatic & 90% of the deaths occured in those over 80 with co-morbidities. and for that the ppl in power are saddling the younger generations with insurmountable debts. it just doesn't smell right.

callmedubious 8 Dec 20
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Your thinking doesn't smell right to me. I think there should be a place for people like you to go to and go maskless, not social distance, and not get the vaccine. Then you can die off without bringing any innocent people with.

Theresa_N Level 8 Dec 21, 2020

so you trust your govt implicitly. good luck little lamb.


I think it's a great idea!

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